The 2018 Off-Road Gear Guide has all the latest accessories to upgrade your off-road experience. These top accessories will keep your drinks cool, your rig powered up, make your tailgate awesome and more!

Daystar Products Leveling Jack Foot Pads
Daystar Products Leveling Jack Foot Pads

Revolutionize your RV experience with Daystar’s leveling jack foot pads! The pads let you level your RV more securely by providing a stable, rugged, non-slip platform for your leveling jacks to interface with the ground! Daystar’s leveling jack foot pads are made of tough and durable polyurethane, guaranteed to withstand the elements and protect your RV jack’s feet while increasing stability and providing a more even distribution of your RV’s weight. Made in the USA, they’re available in 8-, 9- and 10-inch sizes.

DT Racing UTV Belt Mount
DT Racing UTV Belt Mount

Introducing the industry's first UTV belt holder by We are simply UTV enthusiasts who got tired of losing the belts that were once zip-tied to our cages. We decided to create something for the industry by the industry. With a bit of ingenuity, we came up with the UTV Belt Mount, which is considered one of the top 50 aftermarket parts in the country according to The UTV Belt Mount comes in two models. Model SBM707 fits 1.75-inch cages and belts 1.25 to 1.5 inches wide. Model SBM708 fits 1.87-inch and 2-inch cages. Retail cost is $29.99 to $39.99 each. You can find your local UTV Belt Mount dealer on our website: We look forward to seeing you at the show! For distribution and dealer information, contact DT Racing US at

Monkey Fingers adjustable bungee cords
Monkey Fingers adjustable bungee cords

Monkey Fingers bungee cords are fully adjustable so that you’ll never have to worry about having the wrong size bungee for your ATV again. Made in California of marine-grade cord, our bungees come with a lifetime warranty. For use on your ATV, truck, race trailer and more, these bungees use no metal, which means no scratches, cuts or injured eyes. Hooks are injection-molded from Type 1 Grade 1 PVC. Monkey Fingers bungee cords adjust from 6 to 39 inches in length and stretch to a maximum of 60 inches. The cord is white and black, and the hooks and molded ends are black.

The Quickmount spring receiver is the ultimate flag-mounting system. With just a push and twist you’re ready to go. Available in 3/8-inch-24 and 1/2-inch-20 sizes, the Quickmount accepts most flag poles on the market. Whether you want your pole to flex or stand tall, we’ve got you covered, with rigid receivers also available. Mounts use all-stainless-steel construction, no aluminum. OWPI proudly manufactures its products here in the USA.

AO Coolers would like to introduce our new Carbon Stow-N-Go cooler. Building on the success of the canvas series Stow-N-Go, we decided to create a carbon model. Our customers asked for a cooler that wasn’t as tall, so they could store it under seats or in tight spots. With help from some of our boating friends, we’ve designed a cooler that fits in those low, tight spaces. And with the carbon exterior, this cooler is a step above everything else, and it will match the carbon seats in your boat or UTV. The dimensions are 8.5 inches tall by 23 inches long by 15 inches wide, and it will hold 38 cans plus 14 pounds of ice. It comes in silver and black. The lower height allows customers to place the cooler where taller coolers won’t fit. Whether you have a ski boat, fishing boat, off-road vehicle or RV, our new Stow-N-Go cooler will go where the competition can’t. And as with all of our coolers, this one is guaranteed not to leak, and it will hold ice longer than any other soft cooler.

AO Cooler’s new hybrid cooler is the first of its kind. The rigid soft cooler is a hybrid between a hard cooler and a soft cooler. The 1.5-inch rigid insulation and the thick outer material make the cooler perform like a hard cooler, but with the lower weight of a soft cooler — weighing 8.5 pounds, compared to 20 pounds for a hard cooler. Welded TPU material and a molded EVA bottom make it easy to carry as well as durable and eco-friendly. It has water-resistant YKK zippers and comes in two sizes, holding 24 and 64 cans. For details, visit, call 800-336-5208 or email [email protected]

Full Throttle Series High-Performance AGM batteries are designed to tackle the real-world needs of high-cranking accessories and components that put a big draw on batteries. Our TPPL (thin plate pure lead) technology and brass terminal connectors will ensure that the power in your battery flows efficiently whenever you need it.

A durable, portable, powder-coated steel table for travel and tailgating, the Tailgater tire table uses a vehicle or trailer tire for its main support. It is stable and level regardless of the ground conditions. A retractable center leg provides extra support. The table can be used on any tire including the rear spare. It fits most tire sizes 14 inches and up.

This is the first complete bolt-on trailer-extension kit available! Painted or powder-coated to match your rig, the unit adds cargo space. Several sizes are available — 12, 18, 24 and 30 inches. Completely removable and structurally engineered, all kits are custom-made to order. Allow three weeks build time from order date and one to two days for installation. All components are fabricated from 5- by 10-foot sheets of cold-rolled steel.

Do you want the best and strongest recovery rope in the world? Voodoo Offroad kinetic recovery ropes give you a 16-mile-per-hour head start over the competition. Our ropes utilize kinetic energy as they stretch to increase the pulling force and reduce the sudden impact generated by conventional tow straps. When you want the best off-road recovery ropes in the world, Voodoo Offroad kinetic recovery ropes are the answer. With more pulling power and less impact, they let you get out and do what you don't dare to do! Made in the USA.

5150 Whips is leading the ride with new and innovative products for the upcoming sand season. Our new patent-pending magnetic quick-release mounts securely hold our whips in place, and they can be disconnected with just a quick pull upward — no tools to use and no pins to lose. The new 187 Whip from 5150 Whips has been redesigned from the mount to the flag. The new Bluetooth controller app lets users program their own modes or set the lights to dance to music. Gone are the days where anybody with a remote could change your whips. Once they’re synced with your phone, only you can control them.

With sizes from 2 to 5 feet, we have whips for all terrains. Add our new rock lights to the package to make your undercarriage glow and light up the night. Hand-built in the US by lifelong off-roaders, our whips are put to the test on a daily basis. With our top-notch customer service and a lifetime warranty, you cannot lose. Come see 5150 Whips for once-a-year specials, and learn why we are “Crazy Strong, Crazy Bright!”

Here at SDR we get a lot of people asking about cage extensions or add-on cages. While we know this type of cage is less expensive than a full cage, we would never recommend that anyone spend money on one. That would be like buying a car without airbags or seat belts just to save a few bucks! In our opinion, factory cages are inadequate in the event of a rollover, and their weaknesses are only multiplied by adding a rear structure. This is your family, after all. We build cages that make it safer to go riding together, not just places to put rear seats. With so many choices in UTV cages on the market today, it can be difficult to separate the good from the bad. We’ve built as many if not more cages than anyone in the industry, so we know the differences, and we know why other builders sell theirs so cheap. Simply put, materials and structure separate the good from the bad, and usually the cheap from the more expensive. Jig-built and welded in-house to exacting tolerances as are all our standard cages, the XPR-4 Fastback cage for the RZR XP 4 1000 has distinctive looks, passenger grab handles, front V-bars in the windshield, roof bracing and proper gusseting. The Fastback cage accommodates rear passengers up to 5 feet 7 inches tall. (Our standard-height cage accommodates rear passengers up to 6 feet 2 inches.) Visit to learn more about what makes SDR cages superior.

These traditional doors include all the features that set our doors apart from the rest. All-aluminum construction saves weight and ensures strength and durability for any type of riding or racing. Compatible with the XP1K, XP4, and 2016 and 2017 Turbo editions, the doors install in minutes, bolting directly to your vehicle. In our ongoing effort to exceed customer expectations, we have improved on even the best latching system with a stronger and more secure latch featuring a specially molded rubber lever. By far the best on the market, this system looks great and works even better. The rubber lever looks and feels better than a metal lever, and there is absolutely no rattle with these doors or their latches. Installation is easy, and the doors allow for plenty of adjustment should you need it. Our doors can definitely do more — available accessories include graphics kits, cab enclosures and knee pads, with more coming soon. Our doors feature a reverse-hinged system, which makes getting in and out of your XP much easier. The doors open almost a full 180 degrees, so we also include limit straps. We use only the highest-grade aluminum and hardware to ensure you’ll be thrilled with your purchase. The doors are available in black, with additional colors and combos coming soon. You will be thankful you upgraded your doors the minute you climb into your RZR, close the door and hit the trails.

PRP's most popular suspension seat, the GT S/E, comes with seven inches of containment and just the right seating angle, keeping you contained and comfortable while off-road. The vinyl-coated nylon suspension liner and dual-density foam decrease the impact on the body, reducing the fatigue you feel after a long day in the dirt or on the dunes. Additional features include tear-resistant mesh construction that lets debris pass through and weather-resistant materials throughout including a powder-coated steel frame. Improve your ride! Upgrade to the most popular aftermarket RZR suspension seat!

The new Bomber Series mirror is designed for the everyday driver as well as the toughest racer out there. The mirror has great visibility and adjustability, and it works with any 1.5-, 1.75- or 2-inch roll bar. The housing is made from high-impact polymer to keep the mirror light in weight but strong. The patent-pending clamp design allows for the tightening of two bolts to keep the unit stable on the roughest trails. And the mirror can be replaced! We offer faceplates in assorted colors, so you can customize your ride! Visit for options and details.

The Adventure Rack, formerly known as the spare-tire rack, has been completely redesigned to make it one of the most utilitarian products we've ever offered. The original spare-tire rack was a pioneering development that enabled riders to effortlessly move their tire out of the way to access bed contents and securely lock down to the bed to provide adequate rearview clearance. The new design offers the same great functionality as before but with many upgrades. The main platform is much wider, with dimpled and slotted utility plates welded on to provide a flat plane for storage. Two hinge pivots were added to improve stability where the rack mounts to the cage. For greater adjustability, there are three mounting options for the new shorter EZ-lift gas shocks and latch strikers. Latch brackets mount directly to the rear cage bolts, thus providing better bed clearance while also making sure that no part of the Adventure Rack touches the body of the vehicle. The overall installed appearance is much cleaner than with the previous design. The EZ-lift gas shocks are shorter and stronger, so the rack does not rise as high, making it easier to reach when lowering it back into the locked position. The three-point Y-strap holds up to a 32-inch tire or a variety of other things. The rack system has a durable semigloss powder-coated black finish, and it’s made in the USA from high-grade 1018 steel for superior strength and rigidity. The Adventure Rack fits Polaris RZR XP 1000 series UTVs and works with the 8-gallon Rubbermaid Action Packer lockable storage box (#1170). It fits OEM and some aftermarket cages. Visit for more information.