Improve your Vehicle Today With E3 DiamondFIRE Spark Plugs
E3.36 DiamondFIRE Spark Plug
E3.36 DiamondFIRE Spark Plug
E3 Spark Plugs

It’s not easy to improve on something that’s been around since the caveman. You would think that just about everything about fire and combustion had been figured out a long time ago. But the remarkable engineers at E3 Spark Plugs have actually reinvented fire — better combustion created by a better spark. And E3’s DiamondFIRE technology can bring improved power, fuel economy and performance to your 4x4’s engine with lower emissions.

E3.56 is used mostly in Jeeps
E3 Spark Plugs

Pick up an E3 spark plug and the difference from an ordinary plug is obvious. You see three prongs in a diamond shape instead of one J-wire. That’s the patented DiamondFIRE design. As the air-fuel mixture enters the cylinder, E3’s DiamondFIRE electrode atomizes the mixture better, creating swirl and tumble to generate more surface-area contact. At the same time that’s happening, the spark does a little dance around the diamond-shaped ground electrode, which delivers more spark to the already increased air-fuel surface area. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Bigger fire means more power, with less fuel burned.

The E3 DiamondFIRE spark plugs also last a lot longer, so you’ll spend less money on replacements. And because this design already maximizes the burn of the air-fuel mixture, there’s no gapping to be done. Some really smart people at Michigan Technological University have researched and confirmed that. So you don’t have to dig through the bottom of your toolbox to find that long-lost gapping gauge. Just open up your new E3 plugs and put them in.

E3.74 DiamondFIRE Spark Plug
E3.74 is for Hemi & Coyote applications.
E3 Spark Plugs

So, just in case you are a caveman and need a little more convincing, let’s review — with E3 spark plugs you get:

  • MORE POWER — 4 to 12 percent more depending on engine class
  • BETTER FUEL ECONOMY — 3 to 13 percent better depending on engine class
  • SMOOTHER, FASTER ACCELERATION — Leave cavemen in your dust!
  • IMPROVED IDLE STABILITY — No more embarrassing stoplight conk-outs
  • LOWER EMISSIONS — Up to 58 percent lower in smaller engines, so it’s a green thing.
  • LONG PLUG LIFE — E3 delivers a five-year/100,000-mile warranty on OE replacement plugs — that’s confidence.
  • SUPERIOR & STELLAR FACTORY CUSTOMER SERVICE — Come on, they’re good people! And they reinvented fire!
  • COMPETITIVELY PRICING — Check around, they’re a better deal.
E3.112 DiamondFIRE Spark Plug
E3.112 tuners inc is a dyno comparison that was done on a 2014 Mustang GT with a twin turbo setup running at 16 psi. “In cylinder shot” is a series of still photographs showing the actual combustion comparison between a J-Wire plug and the E3 technology. This was done at Michigan Technological University.
E3 Spark Plugs

E3 spark plugs have a copper core and don’t use precious metals in their design because they don’t need to. Unlike a J-wire plug that fires in the same spot over and over again, E3’s diamond-shaped ground electrode allows the spark to “dance” around the ground strap, never firing in the same spot twice, thus extending the life of the plug.

The takeaway is simple: Fire is good. Good fire is better. Great fire inside your 4x4’s engine is best, and that comes when you use E3 DiamondFIRE spark plugs.