Dirt-Slinging Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Demos All Weekend

The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) is the premier short track off-road racing series in the world, where the best drivers compete on the most challenging race courses. Check out these skilled-racers, muscling their high-horsepower, purpose-built racing machines around the Proving Grounds at the City of Scottsdale Off-Road Expo presented by Nitto Tire.

See the true performance of the Karts, UTV, Buggy, Pro Lite and Pro 2 classes as these high-powered, performance-centered machines hit the Proving Grounds for adrenaline-filled demos all weekend. From long-time pros to the up-and-coming stars of tomorrow in the Modified Kart class, these racers will show why off-road racing is such an exciting and competitive form of motorsports.

LOORs demo
UTV will be among the classes hosting demos.

Again this year, you can win a Ride-a-Long as part of ORE’s door prizes! Off-Road Expo and Lucas Oil will be giving away Ride-a-Longs in a Pro 2 race truck. Sign up to win the Ride-a-Longs at the main gate when you enter the show. Ride-a-long winners must be at least 18 years of age.

Driver Autograph Sessions
Some of the top pros you’ve seen on TV and read about will be behind the wheel and available for autographs after the engines fall silent and the tire smoke clears. Stick around to meet all the drivers listed below following the demos at the Proving Grounds autograph session.

Driver Lineup

Pro 2

Ricky Gutierrez
Ricky Gutierrez LOORRS Photo
Daely Pentico
Daely Pentico LOORRS Photo
Cory Winner
Cory Winner LOORRS Photo


Jax Redline
Jax Redline — Debuting New Pro Lite Truck LOORRS Photo


Corry Weller
Corry Weller LOORRS Photo
Mia Champan
Mia Champan LOORRS Photo
Ryder Champan
Ryder Champan LOORRS Photo


Trevor Briska
Trevor Briska LOORRS Photo
Matt Brister // IG: @FastMonkey55
Matt Brister // IG: @FastMonkey55 LOORRS Photo


Rhyan Denny
Rhyan Denny LOORRS Photo
George Llamosas
George Llamosas LOORRS Photo
Connor Power
Connor Power LOORRS Photo
Jennifer Owens
Jennifer Owens LOORRS Photo
Jessie Owens
Jessie Owens LOORRS Photo
Ethan Ebert
Ethan Ebert LOORRS Photo