Mint 400: Tech And Contingency Takes Over Downtown
Off-Road Festival brings fans to Downtown Las Vegas
Downtown Las Vegas was packed with vehicles and off-road enthusiasts for the Off-Road Festival.

Before the Mint 400 took over the Las Vegas desert, teams and vendors headed to Downtown Las Vegas to participate in the Off-Road Festival, encompassing tech and contingency. This event brings the off-road community front and center in the heart of Las Vegas the day after racers woke Vegas tourists on the strip with the parade.

“Bringing the off-road racing action and culture to the people is a huge part of what makes the BFGoodrich Tires Mint 400 what it is,” said Mint 400 CEO Matt Martelli. “The Mint 400 Off-Road Festival is an essential part of that each year, as the city of Las Vegas graciously allows us to turn Fremont Street into the center of the off-road racing world before we get into the racing itself. We can’t thank our competitors, sponsors, exhibitors, and most of all, the tens of thousands of off-road fans who stopped by enough for all of their support, and we hope to see everyone in Primm for two full days of racing on Friday and Saturday!”

Hundreds of cars, trucks, UTVs, and motorcycles racing in the limited and unlimited races would need to snake their way through the festival to end up in Tech. At the end of the line laid Tech, the last stop for racers waiting to get their inspection and green light to go racing.

One thing different this year at the Mint 400 was the addition of the Steel Cab Series, a new series bringing more light to the linked trucks of Class 1450 and the leaf spring trucks of Class 2000. Class 2000 would have its class at the Mint 400 for the first time this year, which meant I could participate and race in my Class 2000 truck.

Clinical Racing's truck on display during the Mint 400.
My personal Class 2000 truck on display in Falken Tires booth during tech and contingency.

There is a lot more to Tech and Contingency when you are a part of it compared to walking around collecting stickers as a spectator or photos as a media member. The stress of drivers registration, making sure the truck had every rule followed to make for a smooth tech, and so much more were things I had never felt before, especially at an event of this magnitude.

Thankfully for us, we participated in the Mint 400 Parade on Wednesday, which gave us access to pre-tech and a first look over the truck. With a couple of minor fixes, tech became a breeze for us when we went through tech. Once completed, it was time to enjoy the rest of the sights and sounds of the festival and get ready for race day.

Drivers were able to interact first hand with fans.
BJ Baldwin signing at the King Shocks booth during the Off-Road Festival.

Overall if you are ever in the Las Vegas area during the Mint 400, stopping and checking out tech and contingency is a must. From vehicles to vendors, there is something for everyone on Fremont Street.