Chrome Delete: The Easy Way With BumperShellz

With the help of Ecoological and their line of BumperShellz, the process of removing chrome off our Silverado was super simple.
Chrome delete successful. The Silverado is given a completely new look. Steven Olsewski

We have all heard the term chrome delete. For those who haven’t, the term used when someone removes all the chrome off of their vehicle. The day of pulling bumpers or side mirrors off to paint, or Plasti Dip has long sailed, and we were able to test out the new, improved, and much easier way.

With the help of Ecoological and their line of BumperShellz, it makes the process of removing chrome along with a host of other possibilities. BumperShellz are a product that does more than meets the eye.


Having a simpler way to cover the chrome on the vehicle not only saves time, but it can also save having to fix going cheap the first time around. To find out the truth behind what BumperShellz can do we spoke with Grant Evans of Ecoological as we were eager to change the look of the truck.

The chrome surface needs to be prepped correctly to make sure the panels adhere properly. Steven Olsewski

“Originally this product idea was mainly intended just to cover up dents and rust in truck bumpers,” Evans said. “There wasn’t a good solution to that problem since dent repair never really works on chrome.”

“What we found over our early years with the product by talking with customers was that most were using it to blackout their bumpers since it was so much easier, and the results were better than attempting to paint or vinyl wrap chrome,” Evans continued. “Our main value proposition is that we’ve made these products so easy to install that nearly anyone could do it.”

This is exactly why we went with this product. The time we were saving getting the look we wanted while also adding a layer of protection was something we couldn’t resist.

black bumper
The front of the Silverado completely changes with the black bumper. Steven Olsewski

We got started on the install, and the included instructions were very straight forward. The install on the front of the truck, there was less to remove and an easier install than the rear. The pieces are applied to the vehicle using the attached adhesive tape, but the kits include an adhesion promoter to make sure they stay on.

“You don’t need to pay a professional to blackout your bumpers,” Evans said. “Now you can order a kit and do it yourself, which saves our customers a lot of money and hassle. I think that is what has resonated with our customers. That as well as the protection that a plastic cap offers your bumper over other options, and the ability to replace individual pieces if they get damaged has begun to make BumperShellz the go-to blackout and paint-match solution.”

Preparation in this install is key, take your time and make sure everything is cleaned and prepped properly before putting the covers on. The more time you take, the better the products will look and adhere to the vehicle.

“We use two different types of plastics for the covers; high impact ABS and TPO,” Evans explained. “Both are used extensively on trucks today, so they are very durable.”

black rear bumper
Completely black rear bumper on the Silverado. Steven Olsewski

“ABS is what you have on your bodywork,” Evans continued. “It gives you a ridged look that matches the metal body panels, but still has the flexibility to allow it to take a beating before it shows signs of damage.”

“TPO is used on the rear bumper step pads and other areas that see the bulk of the abuse,” Evans continued. “It is more flexible than ABS so it can be stepped on or kicked, and it will just flex back into shape.”

After working our way around the front of the truck and getting the kit installed, we could see how big of a difference they made. Heading to the back, we were ready to complete the transformation.

All but done, the rear bumper missing the middle section. Steven Olsewski

“What is different about our plastics is that we use colored caps over the abs plastic instead of paint for the majority of our colors,” Evans said. “This makes the color many times more durable than the paint you get on your bodywork. That is perfect for the bumpers since they will see their share of rocks and road debris as well as the occasional trailer hitch.”

bumper completed
The rear of the Silverado with the bumper completed. Steven Olsewski

The rear install requires more work, but it would be worth it. We had to remove the steps in the bumper to allow the cover to fit behind them, which gave the covers a more secure attachment. The top plastic of the bumper also needed to be lifted to allow the covers to slide under.

Overall the install only took about two hours, the front took less time, but it was all worth it.


With a product like BumperShellz, the transformation is seen right away. The truck went from a shiny beam of light to a dark stealth truck which was exactly what we wanted. We cannot express the importance of preparation, do not skim on this part of the install.

BumperShellz kit
Each panel of the BumperShellz kit includes pre-attached double sided foam tape. Steven Olsewski

All of Ecoological’s products are designed and manufactured in the US. Their products are trusted by custom truck up-fitters across the US, as well as OEM’s like Ford, and are currently being used on the new Shelby F-150 Super Snake Sport.

The cover provides a lot more reassurance than just applying a vinyl wrap over the bumper. These provide protection in the dirt, and we wouldn’t be worried about having to get another wrap after each trip.

black out complete
The chrome is gone and the black out is complete. Steven Olsewski

Along with Ecoological’s stock colors, BumperShellz can be ordered in a raw ABS so that owners can paint themselves to match their vehicle. Changes are still coming, and Ecoological will also begin offering paint-to-match services on several of their models beginning in the Fall of 2020.

Overall, the BumperShellz product was easy to install, provided added protection, and changed the appearance of the truck and is a no brainer for any future project. To find a product for your vehicle, be sure to visit the Ecoological website.