Falken Releases All-New Wildpeak R/T

Falken released an all-new hybrid tire at this year's Off-Road Expo, expanding its tire line even further.
Falken’s all-new Wildpeak R/T tire.

Falken released an all-new tire at this year’s Off-Road Expo, expanding its tire line even further. This is an all-new tire that doesn’t replace its all-terrain or mud-terrain tire but extends available options while creating a true hybrid tire.

The Wildpeak R/T provides off-road traction like a mud-terrain but retains the tread life and stability like an all-terrain tire. The high contact ratio center tread makes sure the Wildpeak R/T maintains maximum off-road traction. Techtonic tread blocks with step-down support features minimize tread block squirm which enhances stability while towing or hauling.

Falken’s Wildpeak R/T features their Duraspec three-ply sidewall with two additional turn-ups creating a thick sidewall on the tire. The sidewall is another big change on the Wildpeak R/T over the other Falken tires. Both the Wildpeak AT3W and Wildpeak M/T have aggressive sidewalls, but the Wildpeak R/T takes it up a notch.

The upper sidewall features allow for superior protection and traction for rugged terrain while also protecting against sharp rocks. Offset outer tread blocks have rock and mud defense features to help shed mud on the tread and help maintain off-road traction.

The hybrid tread on the Wildpeak R/T provides both the benefits of an all-terrain and mud-terrain tire.

Available in wheel sizes from 16-inch to 22-inch, the Wildpeak R/T will fit a wide range of popular vehicles. The Falken Wildpeak R/T features a 50,000-mile limited tread life warranty and will be available in the first quarter of 2023. For more information on Falken or to find the right tire for your vehicle, be sure to visit their website.