How It’s Made: AGM Products’ The Jack Rod

AGM Products gives us a behind-the-scenes look into the production of their Jack Rod, a tool that turns your floor jack into a jack stand.

We all enjoy going out into the garage and being able to use a tool, but do you really know what goes into making it? AGM Products gives us an inside look into what it takes to manufacture the AGM Jack Rod.

Manufacturing can be a fun and interesting process. In this How It’s Made style vlog, AGM Products lets us learn how the AGM Jack Rod goes from a concept to reality using state-of-the-art design and manufacturing techniques. If it sounds boring don’t worry, there are lasers involved.

AGM Jack Rod and jack stand
The AGM Jack Rod is a safe way to turn your existing floor jack into a jack stand. AGM

When in situations where traditional jack stands won’t fit, get in the way, or may damage your expensive floors, the AGM Jack Rod Stand is the perfect replacement for your existing floor jack. The AGM Jack Rod turns your existing floor jack into a safe jack stand with the push of a lever. 

Being able to do the job right is one thing, doing it safely is always just as important. For more information on AGM Products, be sure to visit their website.