One-Key Lock Technology With BOLT Locks

BOLT Locks has easy-to-use products with a wide range of applications to make sure everything from spare tires to fifth wheel hitches are secured.
BOLT Locks
BOLT Locks has a wide range of products to fit all sorts of security needs. Steven Olsewski

Having your gear locked up and secured is just as crucial as your trailer and other items on your truck. BOLT Locks has easy-to-use products with a wide range of applications to make sure everything from spare tires in the bed of a truck to fifth wheel hitches is secured.

One drawback of locks in the past was carrying numerous keys around and remembering what key went to what lock. The one-key technology that BOLT Locks use allows your ignition key to be the only key you need.

“BOLT Locks were designed for security and convenience,” Crystal Wiken of BOLT Locks explained. “BOLT Locks are secure, weatherproof, and made of stainless steel. BOLT Locks also make it convenient to lock up your vehicle accessories. You insert your vehicle key, turn it till it stops, and that’s it.”

From cable locks to padlocks, BOLT has products that will secure everything you own. More vehicle accessories mean more people’s hard-earned money sitting in the open with the possibility of getting stolen.

BOLT Locks
BOLT’s one-key technology uses your vehicles ignition key. Steven Olsewski

“BOLT Locks make it easier to lock up your vehicle’s most valuable accessories,” Wiken said. “We have receiver locks, cable locks, padlocks, trailer locks, Jeep-specific locks, and more that all work with your vehicle key. We’re compatible with Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, Toyota, and Nissan.”

We had the chance to review each one of BOLT’s products, and we haven’t found one we didn’t like or don’t have a use for. From the padlocks and cable locks securing spare tires and fuel jugs in the back of the truck to the fifth-wheel hitch and trailer coupler lock, ensuring our trailers stay where we left them, everything is secured with only our ignition key.

The locks are durable and have a rubber coating on them, so they won’t damage anything they happen to rub against. In addition, some of the locks have a rubber cover that goes over the keyhole to ensure the elements stay out.

Our locks have been in the back of our truck which has seen countless hours outdoors and in sandy environments. Every time we need to unlock our equipment, the key slides easily into the lock.

BOLT Locks
BOLT’s trailer coupler lock makes sure your trailer stays where you left it. Steven Olsewski

Getting a new vehicle is always in the cards, and while the BOLT locks work with only one ignition key, they have a program to help when you get a new vehicle.

“BOLT Locks are not designed to be re-keyed for security purposes,” Wiken said. “However, we offer a customer loyalty program to support current BOLT Lock owners when they purchase a new vehicle.” 

For more information on BOLT Locks or to find the right product for your application, be sure to visit their website.