PRP Seats’ Guide To Selecting The Best Jeep Harness

PRP Seats has a wide range of harnesses to help make sure Jeep owners are set up safely no matter the adventure.
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Figuring out the best harnesses for your Jeep made simple. PRP Seats

Having improper safety equipment can cause more harm than good. To help make sure Jeep owners are set up correctly, PRP Seats has a wide range of harnesses for different Jeep builds.

Each set of harnesses has unique features that allow it to be appropriately used in different applications. Specific builds may not need the particular set of harnesses that you think they may.

PRP Jeep harnesses
Jeep’s 4.2 harness on PRP’s Enduro seats. PRP Seats


PRP’s 4.2 harnesses are perfect for the weekend off-roader. These four-point harnesses feature an automatic buckle instead of a traditional latch and link system that some users find difficult to use.

The auto-latch is an excellent Jeep harness for those getting in and out frequently because the shoulder and lap belts are sewn together, which means the harness is all one piece. Whether out on the trail or in the grocery store parking lot, the harness makes buckling in quick and easy.

PRP Jeep harnesses
The 4.3 harness makes getting in and out of the Jeep easy. PRP Seats


PRP’s 4.3 harness features the latch and link belt system that are traditionally found on harnesses and it also features three-inch straps for the shoulder and lap. Just like the 4.2 Auto-Latch harnesses, the shoulder and lap belts are sewn-together.

The 4.3 harness still allows for being easily attached since it does not have the submarine belt between the legs.

PRP Jeep harnesses
The 5.3 harness is most secure of all the harnesses. PRP Seats


If you are looking for the ultimate harness for your Jeep the 5.3 off-road harness is the way to go. These harnesses use three-inch should and lap belts to make sure you don’t move when off-roading and is actually SFI 16.1 certified.

On the 5.3 harnesses, each strap is its own individual piece so, unlike the 4.2 auto-latch and the 4.3 harnesses, you must grab each piece of the 5.3 harnesses and connect them together using the latch and link system.

All of PRP’s harnesses are available in a wide range of colors to help match the color of the vehicle. For more information on PRP’s products, be sure to visit their website.