Who Is Off Road Warehouse?

Off Road Warehouse is one shop that has locations in Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia, but who exactly is Off Road Warehouse?
Off Road Warehouse
One of Off Road Warehouse’s locations. Off Road Warehouse

Finding a good shop to take your rig to get work or upgrades done is hard to find. Off Road Warehouse is one shop that has locations in Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia, but who exactly is Off Road Warehouse?

First and foremost, Off Road Warehouse are off-road enthusiasts and have been involved in some form of off-road racing or events for more than 30 years. They started in 1973 servicing the local off-road racers, who at one time could not readily find the parts and components needed to compete in events such as the Baja 500 and Baja 1000.

Off Road Warehouse
Greg Adler is the man behind the growth of Off Road Warehouse. Off Road Warehouse

The core of Off Road Warehouse is what separates it from other shops or e-commerce sites. CEO and president Greg Adler is the man behind the scenes making it all happen and is someone well known and respected in the off-road community.

“Off Road Warehouse is a great platform to build upon and grow,” Adler said. “We will do what we know how to do, and so, like any business, we want to make it profitable and expand, but also keep it manageable and, hopefully, keep it fun as we go.”

Off Road Warehouse
The showroom in one of Off Road Warehouse’s locations. Off Road Warehouse

Since he arrived in 2019, Adler has brought in new business and developed improvements to the stores while retaining Off Road Warehouse’s identity as a destination for off-road enthusiasts. Adler has been able to grow Off Road Warehouse by adding a store in Corona, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Opening these new stores has been challenging at times,” Adler said. “My vice president, Sam Cervantes, and I are doing more from the ground level than we did in the past. We deal with cities, contractors, permitting, equipment, displays, and everything from A to Z. And we are thrilled to have a great support team helping us along the way. That said, it’s a great feeling when the doors open, and we see packed crowds waiting to get in and check everything out!”

With eight locations currently and the goal to add a store every year, Off Road Warehouse continues to grow. In addition to brick and mortar stores, off-road enthusiasts can visit Off Road Warehouse’s website and have parts shipped worldwide.

Off Road Warehouse racing
Greg Adler racing the Off Road Warehouse truck at King of the Hammers. Steven Olsewski

Racing At Its Roots

What could have been easily described as a local speed shop for off-road racers, Off Road Warehouse has stayed true to its roots. Off Road Warehouse is still a local shop where racers can get parts, but it has evolved into a place where any level of off-roader can get the service they need.

“Off Road Warehouse started as a place to help racers get parts for their Baja Bugs,” explained Adler. “Over time, it became the place to go for all off-road needs. I aim to stay true to that direction and take Off Road Warehouse in exciting places.”

off-road racer Alan Ampudia
Off Road Warehouse has teamed up with off-road racer Alan Ampudia. Off Road Warehouse

With Adler being a racer himself, Off Road Warehouse has also teamed up with racing legends like Alan Ampudia and Brian Deegan to help their racing efforts. Even with assisting big-name racers, anyone with a Jeep, truck, SUV, or UTV can come in and get their vehicle upgraded.

“Off Road Warehouse started with racing and has a huge legacy there that we intend to continue,” said Greg. “We sell parts that racers and chasers need, from heim joints to fittings to safety gear. Partnering with Alan and Brian is a great way to get the ORW brand out there.”

Off Road Warehouse
Another one of Off Road Warehouse’s location. Off Road Warehouse

Off Road Warehouse continues to grow to support the growing off-road market and has the knowledgeable staff to help get the right parts on your vehicle. For more information on ORW or to find a location near you, be sure to visit their website.