Accessorizing The Right Way With Truck Gear Products
Truck Gear by Line-X
Truck Gear by Line-X's 1.5-inch ratchet strap.

Any new truck owner starts to look online for the latest accessories as soon as it’s parked in the driveway. With plenty of aftermarket options, we turned to Truck Gear by Line-X to help outfit our 2019 Chevrolet Silverado the right way.

We wanted to have accessories that could withstand everything we planned on doing with the truck. Whether it be hitting the trails with a little mud, safely securing our gear in the bed, or securing larger items in the bed, we knew that having the right product would make all of our adventures that much easier.

2019 Silverado for floor mats
We would be installing Line-X's floor mats on a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado.

We had the chance to talk with Brian Stewart, Director of Aftermarket Accessories with Truck Gear by Line-X, to find out what we could do to properly accessorize Silverado. The right accessories would help in protecting the truck along with the Line-X bedliner we recently had sprayed.

Interior Protection

Many truck owners do not think of floor mats or interior protection until they look down in the ones that came with the vehicle. Truck Gear by Line-X’s floor mats can prevent that cheap scramble at the local big-box retailer.

Truck Gear by Line-X floor mats
The Truck Gear logo prominently displayed on the floor mats.

“The best thing about Truck Gear by Line-X Floor Liners is that they are both durable and comfy,” Stewart explained. “The liners are made of a thick rubberized material that is comfortable under feet, can stand up to heavy boots, spills, extreme temperatures, and can be removed easily from a vehicle without dumping dirt and grime everywhere.”

“The unique channel pattern protects the vehicle’s floorboards by moving things like dirt, water, mud, and snow away from the driver, keeping shoes and pant legs clean,” Stewart continued. “The precision engineering of the Truck Gear by Line-X Floor Liner ensures an exact fit to the contour of the vehicle’s floor. Liners are made in the USA and come with a nationwide Limited Lifetime Warranty supported at over 550 Line-X locations in North America.”

Truck Gear by Line-X floor mats
The form fitted floor mats make sure everything is protected in the truck.

What sets these floor liners apart from others on the market is that these are made of a rubberized material. There is no worry about these floor mat sliding under one of the pedals while on the trail.

“These aren’t rigid liners that can curl at the edges and are cumbersome to remove,” Stewart said. “Rigid liners don’t flex so if they get soiled you could risk spilling everything onto your floorboard trying to get them out.”

Truck Gear by Line-X floor mats
The floor mats have the clips just as the factory floor mats have.

“Truck Gear by Line-X Floor Liners can flex and fold, holding in any spills until you can get the liner out easily – and cleanly,” Stewart continued. “Plus the liner fits precisely into the floorboard and stays there, flat and neat, until you decide to remove it. The material is also a bit thicker, more sturdy, and more comfortable than the average rigid liner.”

Truck Gear by Line-X floor mats
The floor mats would fit trucks with and without the center console.

“Your style of floor mat depends on your lifestyle and environment,” Stewart said. “OEM factory floor liners are basic, carpeted, and produced to match the floorboards; made for light use and eventually, they will stain. We’ve all been there.”

“If you live in an area with any kind of weather, rain, snow or sleet, you’re better off with a durable liner designed to protect your floorboards and your feet,” Stewart continued. “If you plan to take your vehicle off-road, on a long trip, or to spend a day at the beach, having a sturdy, comfortable floor liner that’s easy to clean and will last for seasons is a value add to your vehicle, wallet and your peace of mind.”

Truck Gear by Line-X floor mats
The rear one-piece floor mat protected the entire floor and still would allow for the under seat storage to be used.

Protecting our new carpet and having a product that could stand up to all the different adventures we would be on was great, but what about protecting the gear needed for those trips? For that, we turned to Truck Gear by Line-X’s line of tonneau covers.

Bed Security

To allow for additional security for items we leave in the bed, we went with Truck Gear by Line-X’s Eclipse Hard Rollup Tonneau Cover (PN TGHR15724). With hard covers, soft covers, roll up covers, and a host of other options on the market, we wanted to make sure the one we selected was right for our needs.

Truck gear by line-x truck bed cover.
Truck Gear by Line-X's roll up bed cover.

“There are many things to consider when deciding on a tonneau cover and bed use is certainly one of those,” Stewart said. “For truck owners who use their truck for hauling supplies and want a cover that gives quick access to the truck bed, low maintenance yet attractive styling and enhanced security, the Truck Gear Eclipse Hard Roll-Up Tonneau Cover is one to consider.”

“The discreet black aluminum slats and low profile design make it almost look like it’s not even there,” Stewart continued. “It can easily be rolled up and stowed away in a matter of seconds. The black aluminum slats and low profile design allows the Eclipse Hard Roll-Up Tonneau Cover to look good while adding bed security.”

Truck gear by line-x truck bed cover.
The bed cover was nicely built and durable.

We would be placing all sorts of items in our bed. From parts to camping gear or some new tool chest, we needed a cover that would adapt to the need.

“Truck Gear by LINE-X Eclipse Hard Roll-Up Tonneau Covers features several benefits when compared to the competition,” Stewart explained. “Starting with a compelling modern design, the Truck Gear Eclipse tonneau cover has a low-profile, sleek look.”

Truck gear by line-x truck bed cover.
The cover will work with the facotry rails and a bedliner.

“It has a dirt-resistant premium black matte fabric made of superior woven material that stays looking clean no matter what you just put your truck through,” Stewart continued. “The heavy-duty fabric is pressure-bonded to heavy-duty black powder coat aluminum slats – maintaining that sleek, modern design even when the cover is rolled up. The covers are backed by a nationwide Limited Lifetime Warranty supported at over 550 Line-X locations in North America.”

In today’s age where nothing seems safe, leaving valuable items inside the cab is one thing, but leaving them in an open bed is asking for trouble. Being able to leave your belongings in the bed securely while making a final trip in the store before heading out allows for more peace of mind for the times when it is needed to step away.

Truck gear by line-x truck bed cover.
The rolling feature of the bed cover is our favorite.

“Greater security is the key feature of this cover,” Stewart said. “For truck owners who prefer a roll-up cover and need to safeguard the contents of their truck bed, the Truck Gear Eclipse Hard Roll-Up Tonneau Cover is an excellent option.”

“The cover is designed with multiple rows of latches that prevent unwanted access into the truck bed,” Stewart continued. “Latches automatically lock and release to quickly secure as well as access the bed from either side of the truck.”

Truck gear by line-x truck bed cover.
The bed cover is nice and sleek not adding anything bulky to the bed.

Whether it is leaving items in the bed at a shopping center or in your driveway after a long trip, having a tonneau cover allows for more reassurance. Having a cover that would not only look good but make sure we would come back out to our belongings was a no brainer.

Securing A Load

At some point in owning a truck, there will be a time when something needs to be secured in the bed. Where it is a dirt bike or new furniture, having the proper ratcheting tie-down allows for more peace of mind during that trip. To make sure we were straped properly we went with Truck Gear by Line-X’s ratcheting tie down straps (PN TIEDOWN10).

Truck Gear by Line-X kit.
The tie down straps come with a carrying case.

“Truck Gear by Line-X Ratcheting Tie-Down Kits are a perfect addition to your truck, camper, boat, garage,” Stewart said. “Can you really have too many tie-down straps? Truck Gear by Line-X straps boasts some of the highest-rated strength ratings on the market. Each kit includes a canvas carry and storage bag with four tie-downs. The kits are available in 1-inch x 10 feet strap kit and a 1.5-inch x 20 feet heavy-duty strap kit.”

Truck Gear by Line-X kit.
Truck Gear by Line-X's 1.5-inch ratchet strap.

“These aren’t the flimsy, light-duty tie-down straps you see at discount chain parts stores,” Stewart continued. “The heavy-duty 1.5-inch Truck Gear by Line-X ratcheting tie-downs feature a stout 6,000-pound breaking strength to secure pretty much whatever you need.”

Truck Gear by Line-X kit.
The locking ratcheting mechanism worked great and the handle would lock in place to prevent the strap from coming loose.

For the items we would strap in the bed, the 1-inch kit would be more than enough. One feature that we enjoyed liked was the locking ratchet. This feature makes sure that once the strap is locked down, it will not loosen keeping the item secure.

To find the right products for your rig, be sure to check out the Truck Gear website.