Dirt King Alignment Cams Help Keep Truck Aligned

Off-roading takes a toll on a vehicle and one of the first things to go is your alignment. Dirt King solved the common problem of keeping your GM truck aligned with their wide selection of alignment cams.

Dirt King's upper control arm and lower control arm alignment cams have holes to lock the alignment in place where the factory cams have a large oval that can easily shift. Factory alignment cams allow the control to move when off-roading or hitting large bumps while the Dirt King alignment cams keep it in place using the factory guide pin.

dirt king alignment cam
Dirt King's alignment cam installed on the lower control arm of a 2019 Silverado.

Included in the kit are eight alignment cams laser cut from 3/16-inch thick steel and four 10.9 bolts. The Dirt King alignment cams will work with nearly all suspension systems and are great for daily drivers or aggressive off-roading.

Dirt King also has alignment cams for Toyota, Ford, and Nissan pickups. For more information or to find the right kit for your vehicle, be sure to check out Dirt King's website.