KC Releases Street Off-Road Dual Mode Light

KC announces the release of its long-awaited KC FLEX ERA 3 Dual Mode SAE Fog Light that packs two modes in one housing.

KC announces the release of its long-awaited KC FLEX ERA 3 Dual Mode SAE Fog Light. This addition to the FLEX ERA product family marks a first for the automotive aftermarket industry by combining two lights in one. The FLEX ERA 3 DM SAE is the world’s only true dual-mode, SAE fog light and high-powered, off-road light housed in one compact package.

With FLEX ERA 3 DM SAEs, drivers can illuminate the pavement using the true SAE J583 fog lights as their “low beams” and then quickly toggle to the off-road spots for their “high beams” when they cross into the dirt — simply by flipping a switch. What’s more, every box of FLEX ERA 3 DM SAEs comes standard as a Master Kit with SAE selective yellow lenses for even greater visibility in heavy rain, fog, snow, and dust.

“Our new FE3 SAEs redefine what’s possible in automotive lighting,” says KC CEO Alan Wang. “Drivers no longer need to install two different sets of lights or get out of their vehicle to change lenses while on the trail. Instead, these provide the flexibility and ease-of-use drivers want and need, all in one good-looking package.”

The KC FLEX ERA 3 Dual Mode SAE Fog Light brings two light modes into one housing.

The FLEX ERA 3 features an intense, on-road SAE J583 fog beam and an off-road-use-only mode that combines the fog beam with a high-output spot beam. The FLEX ERA 3 DM SAEs maximize driver visibility from asphalt and gravel to dirt, mud, snow, and sand.

From foggy mornings on paved roads to dusty nights in the dirt, KC has drivers covered by including both clear and selective yellow lenses in every package. The clear lenses deliver maximum brightness and the purest vision. Switching to yellow lenses provides optimal penetration through heavy rain, fog, snow, and dust.

The FLEX ERA 3 DM SAEs live up to the power standards established by others in the FLEX ERA Family by delivering an incredible 3,682 lumens in fog-beam-only mode and an impressive 5,949 lumens when the high beam is engaged. KC vehicle-specific kits make it easy to swap out factory-installed fog lights. From JKs/JLs/JTs to Tacomas and 4Runners to Outbacks and Crosstreks, a range of options are available and each includes all the brackets and wiring necessary for a simple install.

For more information on the FLEX ERA 3 Dual Mode SAE LED light or other KC products, be sure to visit their website.