Keep Your Wheels Looking Sharp With Method Wheel Cleaner

New wheels never look as good as they once did, but Method Race Wheels is ready to change that with Method Wheel Cleaner.
Method Race Wheels wheel cleaner is designed specifically for their wheels. Method Race Wheels

New wheels never look as good as they first do once they are out of the box, but Method Race Wheels is ready to change that. The recent announcement of their Method Wheel Cleaner is set to make old wheels look new again.

Method Wheels cleaner is a custom wash blend tailored specifically for Method Wheels in an 
eco-friendly, ready-to-use formula. It is safe for all Method wheel types and finishes, is PH balanced, and is non-corrosive while leaving no residue.

For best results:

  • Apply on wheels that are cooled off o not spray any cleaning agent on a hot wheel.
  • Do not let the wash dry on the wheel. Best to do one wheel at a time.\
  • Spray onto the wheel, agitate with a soft brush or towel, rinse off, and dry with a microfiber towel.

For more information on Method’s new wheel cleaner, be sure to visit their website.