Keeping Cool: Truck Gear By Line-X Expedition Cooler

Truck Gear by Line-X Expedition Coolers helps keep your drinks cold on any adventure. See how this bear-proof cooler stood up to the test.
Truck Gear Line-X Expedition Cooler
The Line-X Truck Gear cooler may be small, but is packed with features Steven Olsewski

Summer is just around the corner and getting ready to head outside or hit the trail, keeping our favorite beverages cold is important. Truck Gear by Line-X Expedition Coolers help make that possible.

Truck Gear Line-X Expedition Cooler
The Line-X Truck Gear Expedition Cooler lineup comes in a wide range of sizes. Steven Olsewski

The Expedition Cooler starts at $129 and comes in four sizes: 20-quart, 45-quart, 75-quart, and 110-quart. We recently had the chance to test out the 20-quart (PN COOLER20)to see just how cold we could keep our drinks.


There are tons of options for coolers, but what makes the Expedition Coolers an option that needs to be looked at? We had the chance to speak with Brian Stewart, Director of Aftermarket Accessories for Line-X to find out.

Truck Gear Line-X Expedition Cooler
The handle and foam grip make the cooler easy to carry. Steven Olsewski

“In addition to our commitment to provide customers with the strong protective coatings, we are also committed to making world-class truck and lifestyle accessories, and the Expedition Cooler is no exception,” said Stewart. “Our staff is devoted to innovating durable and superior products for our customers, and our new Truck Gear by Line-X Expedition Cooler compliments the adventurous lifestyle made possible by Line-X.”

The Expedition Cooler has a thick-walled, roto-molded design for extreme durability, a pressure-relief valve allows for easier opening, large drain that includes cap retention chain which can also be connected to a standard garden hose, and dual-locking plates featuring built-in bottle openers.

Truck Gear Line-X Expedition Cooler
A storage tray, cutting board/divider, and cup holders all come with the Expedition Cooler lineup. Steven Olsewski

All the coolers come standard with a commodity shelf, a divider that doubles as a chopping board and two cupholders, the 20-quart cooler has a stainless steel handle with foam grip, anti-skid feet prevent cooler from shifting when placed on a surface, and a ruler built into the lid. The Expedition Coolers come with a five-year limited warranty and are proudly made in the USA.

Truck Gear Line-X Expedition Cooler
The drain is nicely attached so there is no worry about losing it. Steven Olsewski

“The dual-locking plates feature built-in bottle openers which is one less thing to carry,” Stewart explained. “Additionally, all Expedition Coolers have a pressure-relief valve allows for easier opening when changing elevations. These features and the included accessories are benefits rarely seen with other coolers in this segment.”

Testing is a big part of any product that comes to market and the Line-X team had some fun testing the Expedition Coolers in Moab, Utah. The team dragged it in the dirt behind a Jeep and ran it over with another Jeep that weighed over 7,000 pounds and of course, stopping for cold drinks before doing it all over again.


One test that we were interested in hearing about was how the 20-quart Expedition Cooler became certified bear-proof. This isn’t just some gimmick to help sell coolers, but it is something that actually gets tested and certified.

The 20-quart cooler underwent testing at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center (GWDC) in West Yellowstone, Montana in late 2018. The cooler became officially certified bear-proof (Certification #5246) by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) with the completion of the grizzly test.


With a product like this testing is a little bit different. For a part that goes on a vehicle it is easy to see the performance of it, but for a cooler how can it really be tested? And no, we did not enlist the help of a bear to help us.

We have taken our Expedition Cooler on many on-road and off-road trips. From the desert to the snow we have been able to keep our drinks cold and refreshing.

The cooler has withstood everything we did with the cooler. It has been dropped off a tailgate and thrown in the back of an SUV with no damage or loss of performance.

Our favorite part of the Expedition Cooler was the pressure relief valve. We experienced how this worked first had as we were driving through the Rocky Mountains.

Truck Gear Line-X Expedition Cooler with snow.
The Line-X Truck Gear cooler is ready for any environment. Steven Olsewski

At the top of the mountains we stopped at a rest stop and reached for some drinks. To our surprise after pulling the rubber locks off to open the cooler we couldn’t. We realized that the elevation change kept the cooler sealed and we had to push the pressure relief valve to get it opened.

Overall the Expedition Cooler performed above our expectations and it will be seeing plenty of use on future adventures. It kept our drinks cold for the duration of our trips and well into the next couple days as it sat in the bed of the truck when we got too lazy to unload.

The Expedition Coolers can be ordered at all North American Line-X locations as well as on the Truck Gear website and shipped to a Line-X location at no charge or shipped to a home or business at standard shipping rates. For more from Truck Gear by Line-X, be sure to check out the Truck Gear website to find accessories for your vehicle.