K&N Increases Airflow And Power For The Ram TRX

Unlock more power in your Ram TRX by increasing the airflow with one of the largest intakes that K&N as ever produced.
K&N’s intake for the Ram TRX is one of the largest its ever produced. K&N

One easy way to increase your vehicle’s power is by increasing the air going into the engine. K&N has been producing intakes for just about every vehicle, but they have never made an intake as large as it has for the Ram TRX.

This system (PN 63-1591) includes a redesigned larger hood scoop inlet for the ram air scoop and K&N’s intake. This unique hood scoop design improves from the restrictive factory unit, increasing air volume to the K&N intake.

The intake filter is one of K&N’s largest ever, an oversized 20 1/8-inch long washable, reusable High-Flow Air Filter featuring their premium oiled cotton filter media. The massive oversized hood scoop inlet is 317 percent larger than the stock scoop inlet, allowing for a dramatic increase in airflow.

K&N has put a ton of technology into the Ram TRX intake to be able to achieve the most power possible. K&N

All the technology and work that K&N put into the TRX intake gives the truck more power. This intake is engineered to provide a considerable power increase, an estimated 29 horsepower, and 40 lb-ft of torque. Enjoy the satisfying growl of a K&N cold air intake system, designed to sound aggressive on acceleration and quiet at speed.

Clear, easy-to-follow instructions make installing your new intake system at home simple. Unlike many competitors, K&N’s design also maintains the iconic TRX T-Rex eating raptor graphic.

Knowing that K&N’s No-Hassle Lifetime Limited Warranty protects your purchase, you can install it with absolute confidence. For more information on this product or other products K&N offers, be sure to visit their website.