SEMA Best Off-Road New Product: RockJock 4×4

RockJock 4x4 by John Currie takes home the best new product at the 2022 SEMA Show with their Adjustable Front Bump Stop Kit.
RockJock 4×4 by John Currie takes home the top new off-road product at the 2022 SEMA Show.

The 2022 edition of the SEMA Show is underway in Las Vegas, Nevada, and day one of the show brings the top new products in each category. Each year SEMA recognizes the top new products in the market and displays all the new products showcased at the show in the new product showcase.

SEMA’s annual New Product Awards competition recognizes outstanding achievements in the development of products being introduced to the automotive specialty-equipment market at the SEMA Show. Products are judged in 18 award categories, each with one winner and two runners-up.

We had a chance to check out the adjustable bump stop kit at the Off-Road Expo a few weeks ago.

Nearly 2,000 products were entered into the 18 different Showcase categories to be considered for a SEMA New Product Awards this year. Winners were selected based on a variety of factors that included superiority of innovation, technical achievement, quality and workmanship, consumer appeal and marketability, and more. 

For the off-road category, the top spot went to RockJock 4×4 by John Currie and their Jeep JL, JT, and JK Adjustable Front Bump Stop Kit. This kit is a new design and concept to bump stops all while making them adjustable.

The adjustable bump stop can grow with the vehicle and be installed on a factory Jeep.

In high articulation situations, an axle housing-mounted bump stop ends up rotating inward toward the center of the vehicle, often missing the upper bump stop entirely. By lowering the front bump stop, and being able to adjust it’s length, you are able to guarantee bump stop contact when and where you need it.

RockJock 4×4 by John Currie’s adjustable kit features billet aluminum components and 5/16-inch thick steel shims that can be added and subtracted for fine-tuning while the bump stop assemblies are on the vehicle. You simply put a socket on the upper bolt to hold it in place, loosen the bump stop body with the supplied spanner wrench, add or subtract bump stop shims as needed and then tighten the assembly back up. The factory yellow bump stop is still used to retain the factory feel when the bump stop makes contact.

For more information on RockJock 4×4 by John Currie or to find a product for your vehicle, be sure to visit their website.