VP Racing Offers More Than Just Fuel

VP Racing understands how important fluids are and offers a complete lineup of racing oils and lubricants for various applications.
VP Racing offers a wide range of racing oils and lubricants.

You can have the best engine in the world, but if the proper fluids and lubricants aren’t put inside it will never run to its true potential. VP Racing knows just how important this is and what high-performance vehicles need to perform at the highest levels.

VP Racing offers a complete lineup of racing oils and lubricants for various applications. VP’s line of racing engine oil and lubricants provide exceptional durability and deliver unmatched performance and protection.

From engine oil, gear oil, and assembly lube, VP Racing offers products to fit many types of vehicles. VP Racing blends motor oils for racing, high-performance, and diesel engines. Their oils provide durability and wear protection for vital engine components under extreme conditions.

VP Racing offers engine oil in a wide range of weights.

VP Racings Professional Grade Full Synthetic Racing Motor Oil is designed for big and small block race engines. It is an excellent choice for small displacement, high horsepower, and turbocharged engines.

It features cutting-edge friction control/wear protection and multiple anti-wear chemistries, including high levels of ZDDP (zinc). The racing motor oil is also blended with unique friction and viscosity modifiers that significantly reduce friction while increasing horsepower and lowering engine temps. A strong detergent dispersant package minimizes oxidation, soot thickening, plus sludge and engine deposits.

For more information on VP Racing’s lineup of racing oil and lubricants, be sure to check out their website.