Heat Wave Visual Shows Us How To Dominate The Mint 400

Heat Wave Visual takes us on a behind-the-scenes look at this year's Mint 400 and everything that went into the team's effort to win.

Heat Wave Visual took on the Mint 400 like never before, entering vehicles in multiple classes along with multiple teams. From two wheels to four, white-knuckle grit, determination, cold-as-ice nerves, and a well-prepped vehicle were the only things that carried everyone across the finish line.

The video they recently released shows Nick and Chris Isenhouer fighting tooth and nail after a DNF at King of the Hammers to get their 6100 Spec Trophy Truck F-150 on the podium for the first time ever. Tensions soared as the margins for position become razor-thin, where even the smallest slip-up could have cost them their position in the grueling 400-mile endurance race.

Mint 400 Heat Wave Visual
Heat Wave Visual takes us on a behind-the-scenes look at this year’s Mint 400. Heatwave

Blake Wilkey also suited up and took the wheel in his first race ever in the highly anticipated, and internet-breaking TT bug, where he put his new setup to the ultimate test in the rough and rocky Nevada desert. Last but not least, Justin Hertel (Heat Wave Visual co-founder and CEO) and Caden Clonts (Heat Wave Visual resident young gun and social media) rolled out from the Heat Wave headquarters with an invitation to be “ringers” in Wilkey’s championship-winning Class 11 Baja Bug aptly named the “slug shark.”

Hertel and Clonts, who had zero experience in the car, had large shoes to fill; Wilkey expected them to bring it to him for a final lap in a good position, and of course, in good shape. After being shaken and stirred, Hertel and Clonts hit the ground running all over again for Day Two, this time on two wheels, where they aimed for a podium position in the 200-300cc Sportsman class.

The video is packed with action and a behind-the-scenes look at what happened at this year’s Mint 400. There were too many good pieces; you will need to watch it for yourself.