New Triple Crown Series Announced

King of the Hammers, Mint 400, and the California 300 to make up a new points Championship with massive coverage.
King of the Hammers, Mint 400 and the California 300 to make up a new points Championship

King of the Hammers and Hammerking Productions owner and CEO Dave Cole, and The Mint 400 and The California 300 owners Matt and Josh Martelli announced today that they have structured a brand new, three-race, championship points series dubbed the “Unlimited Off-Road Racing Triple Crown Championship.” The announcement comes as King of the Hammers racers are undergoing their preparations for intense race action beginning the last weekend in January of 2023.

The two race organizations will pool their collective classes and offer both desert and KOH racers the opportunity to compete for cash, prizes and the ultimate bragging rights for winning their class across three of the most grueling and prestigious races in the sport.

Collectively, King of the Hammers, The Mint 400, and The California 300 will be the best-covered series on the 2023 event schedule, with unprecedented media coverage to sponsors and race teams through their combined live stream and social media channels.

The Unlimited Off-Road Racing Triple Crown Championship puts three of the most brutal off-road races in one points championship.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be teaming up with Dave and the KOH family once again,” said Mint 400 CEO and Co-Owner Matt Martelli. “Their addition of desert classes to King of the Hammers these past few years has been great for the sport of off-road racing and they are driving excitement for the entire off-road industry!”

“We want to do the same for their racers and allow everyone racing in this new points series to benefit from the amount of coverage both of our groups bring to the table. It’s no secret that King of the Hammers, The Mint, and now The California 300 are the three toughest races in America.  If you can tame all three in one year, then you will be a champion among champions!”

This is the second time that Cole and The Martelli Brothers have cross-promoted each other’s races. The two groups produced a triple crown series together in 2018 in conjunction with Crandon. That year Jason Scherer took home the victory and nabbed $15,000 in prize money. This time around, the promoters have expanded their offering to include the entire lineup of KOH and Desert classes. King of the Hammers will host all of the traditional Desert classes, and The Martelli brothers will host all of the KOH classes at both the Mint and the California 300. 

Every class will be able to participate at all three events.

“It’s time to shake things up again!” said KOH and Hammerking CEO and Owner Dave Cole. “When we added desert classes out here initially, it was to give these Unlimited Trucks a fresh event and course to shine on in front of our massive online audience and race fans. That had already grown to include quite a few more desert classes.”

“Then when we sat down with the Martelli’s recently, it became clear that what we both wanted was to propel the entire sport forward – and there’s no denying that if you come and compete at these three events, you’ll get more exposure, and earn more prestige than with any other series next year. If you’ve ever wanted to compete at KOH – now’s your chance. If the Mint has been on your bucket list, next year is THE year. And by all accounts, the California 300 was brutal. Anyone who can tame these three races next year deserves special recognition.” 

Complete details for the 2023 Unlimited Off-Road Racing Triple Crown Championship will be released by both groups in the coming weeks, including prize purses. Stay tuned for more information as it comes out.