WD-40 Building Humvee Chase Vehicle

WD-40 and Trad Ronfeldt are building a 2006 AM General HMMWV into the ultimate desert chase vehicle.
WD-40 and Trad Ronfeldt are building a 2006 AM General HMMWV into the ultimate desert chase vehicle.

Desert racing chase trucks are the backbone of any off-road desert racing team, carrying essential crew, gear, supplies, and more. While these vehicles are already behind-the-scenes heroes, WD-40 is partnering with Trad Ronfeldt, founder of T.R.A.D. (Team Racing and Development), to take a chase truck build to the next level.

Ronfeldt, who is also crew chief to seven-time Pro-4 off-road racing champion Kyle LeDuc, knows firsthand the importance of having a chase truck that is up to the challenge of desert racing. He is kicking off the build with the purchase of a 2006 AM General HMMWV. The build, which is part of WD-40 Brand’s Next-Level Pro campaign, will take place over the next 18 months before hitting the dirt.

“Not only do chase trucks need to be able to traverse the rough desert terrain, they also need to be equipped to handle just about any situation and maximize limited space – and this build is going to accomplish that and so much more,” said Ronfeldt. “The original WD-40 Formula is a must-have for any desert racing team, and the WD-40 Specialist line provides specialized solutions including lubricants, penetrants, and cleaners and degreasers that will help me transform the chase truck into a one-of-a-kind machine. Our chase truck will be stocked with every maintenance product a chase crew needs to get the race truck to the finish.”

Trad Ronfeldt of TRAD and the Humvee tore apart ready to start the build.

If anyone knows how to build a vehicle and the abuse they see is Ronfeldt. The short course truck that he has built for LeDuc sees some of the harshest conditions by one of the industry’s top drivers. In addition, Ronfeldt has been a part of the Chip Ganassi Racing Extreme E program.

“Whether you are a crew chief in need of products that provide next-level solutions, an automotive pro servicing vehicles in a shop, or someone working construction or maintenance in the field, this custom build is designed to recognize the trade professionals who roll up their sleeves day in and day out to get the Job Done Right,” said Robin Baloochi, Partnerships and Sports Marketing Manager, WD-40 Company.

We can’t wait to follow along with this build and see it out in use when it is all done. This is definitely going to be one unique and capable vehicle. For more information on WD-40 or to find the right product for your job, be sure to visit their website.