Protecting Your Investment With SealSavers

To help protect parts of off-road vehicles, SealSavers has produced a line of products to protect critical parts.
SealSavers protect your investment on your off-road vehicle. Steven Olsewski

As the off-road market grows, so does the price of the parts we put on our vehicles. From top-of-the-line shocks installed on a vehicle to high-tech factory-equipped shocks to expensive CVs, many parts on today’s off-road vehicles deserve to be protected.

To help protect parts of off-road vehicles, SealSavers has produced a line of products to protect critical parts. Seal Savers products protect vital components from additional wear or abuse they would see in the dirt.

“The idea behind all of our products is to provide quality protection products that extend the life and quality of a vehicle at a reasonable cost to consumers,” Mason Mill of SealSavers said. “Our products are made from a material that we call ‘FlexPower,’ which is extremely durable.” 

“It is one notch below Kevlar but has a little stretch, allowing it to flex and move as needed. It is durable on the outside but gentle enough on the inside that it won’t scratch or harm the vehicle.”

SealSavers offers a wide range of sizes for their products to fit different applications. Steven Olsewski

SealSavers Coil Savers

One SealSaver product that protects shocks is their Coil Saver. This product is an easy way to protect one of the most expensive items on suspension.

“Off-roaders should look at our product if they want to save money on maintenance and repairs on their shocks or cv boots,” Mill said. “Off-roaders should use our products if they want to be confident that their expensive suspension components are protected by the best option out there.”

“Our Coil Savers are designed to protect the inner shock shaft from taking damage caused by rocks, dirt, sticks, and debris scratching and pitting the shaft. In our opinion, every shock needs to be protected. Off-roaders who ride in groups, race, or do much following behind another driver will benefit from protecting their front shock shafts. The rear shafts are exposed to damage often by the tires spitting and flipping rocks at the shafts.”

Long trips in a group may sound great, but the dust and debris kicked up by the friend in front of you can cause more damage to your vehicle. Shock shafts are exposed while the suspension is cycling. They take the debris picked up and chewed up the shock shaft seal. A SealSaver Coil Saver will prevent that debris from getting to the shock shaft.

SealSavers CV Savers protect CV boots from tears, but can also be used in an emergency when a boot rips. Steven Olsewski

SealSavers CV Savers

Preventing damage while off-roading is extremely important to ensure you can return home wherever your adventure takes you. Protecting the parts on your vehicle also helps after the trip when it comes time to prep for the next trip.

“Our CV Savers are protection against a common issue, CV boot tears. They can be used in two different ways. One, run them full-time as a first line of impact over the existing CV boot, or they can be kept in the car, garage, or pit and thrown on in the event of a tear. They can be installed quickly by wrapping them around with Velcro or a zip-tie, and you’re good to go.”

“Our CV Savers are an easy way to keep the grease in and the dirt out if you were to tear a CV boot,” Mill said. “We recommend running them full-time as a first line of defense because of how much confidence we have in the material, but often they are essentially used as a bandaid.” 

Shocks aren’t cheap, why wouldn’t you want to protect your investment? Steven Olsewski

Putting In The Work

We had the chance to install a SealSaver Coil Savers set on an off-road race truck and a Can-Am Maverick X3. In addition to the Coil Savers, we also added Seal Savers CV Savers on all four axles of the side-by-side.

Installing all the products was extremely easy, and we had both vehicles outfitted within a few minutes. The Coil Savers was the easiest to put on the vehicles as they wrapped around the coil springs. We put the Coil Savers on all four coilovers on the Can-Am and the front coilovers of the race truck.

The CV Savers took a little more time to install, but there is more to the installation than just wrapping the CV boot. Installing a longer zip-tie into the CV Saver before wrapping the product around the CV boot made installing it easier. With everything protected, we could load up the vehicles and take them out to see how much they would protect. 

Having SealSavers products installed on a Can-Am allowed for extra reassurance on the trail. Steven Olsewski

The CV Savers on the Can-Am reassured us that if we had to go through bushes or debris on the trail, our CV boots were protected from potential damage. It made the ride more enjoyable, and we could see a couple of scrape marks where sticks had rubbed on them on the CV Saver.

Driving at high speeds within feet of a vehicle in front was a perfect way to test the Coil Saver. We have tested the Coil Savers in two separate off-road desert races. After each race, the shock shaft and inside of the Coil Saver are clean.

Overall, we couldn’t be more impressed with SealSavers products. It is a no-brainer for any project, from the easy installation to the protection they add. Any product that can be installed and protect another is worth it, especially in harsh off-road conditions. 

Running SealSavers Coil Savers have protected the front coil overs on our off-road race truck. Steven Olsewski

“We have been a family-owned and operated business for 25 years,” Mill said. “We take pride in our customer service, and 100 percent stand behind our products. If a customer has a bad experience with our product, we will do what we can to make it right with them.” 

“Customers should know that we always strive to improve our current products while developing new ones. Also, customers should know that our products not only work for their off-road vehicles but also for their daily drivers. We have a full list of products for on or off-road vehicles with two and four-wheels.”

SealSavers are available in four sizes, allowing them to fit on any shock or cv boot. For more information on Seal Savers and its products, be sure to check out their website.