Tunes For The Dunes: Adding BOSS Speakers To A UTV

Recently we added a set of BOSS Audio B62RGB roll cage speaker pods with a Bluetooth controller to our 2020 Can-Am Maverick X3 RS Turbo RR.
BOSS Speakers
The sleek design doesn’t take away from the side-by-side’s appearance. Steven Olsewski

Large sound systems putting out massive power are great for the trip to the dunes, but what about when you are riding around? Recently we added a set of BOSS Audio B62RGB roll cage speaker pods with a Bluetooth controller and a built-in amplifier to our 2020 Can-Am Maverick X3 RS Turbo RR.

The Can-Am Maverick RS Turbo RR itching to get in the dirt. Steven Olsewski

Having the ability to party with music at camp is great, but what about while the memories are made in the dirt? Being able to stay connected to our favorite artists and bands is something we all take for granted until we are driving down a trail listening to the wind. We were excited to dig in and get something new to listen to.


If you have ever tried to wire a sound system before you know it ends up feeling like you are trying to braid Medusa’s hair, but the B62RGB was a lot simpler than a standard stereo install. Everything is included in the kit and even the pods are labeled to what side they need to be on.

BOSS Speakers
The entire BOSS B62RGB kit features all the wiring and connectors needed. Steven Olsewski

“The B62RGB is available in pairs that feature a multi-color illumination option for backlighting the unit and boasts 750 Watts (Max) power in 6.5-inch two-way amplified marine-grade roll cage or wake tower speaker pods,” Amy Tong of BOSS Audio explained. “With a Bluetooth controller and built-in amplifier, it is the complete package whether on your boat or on your ATV or UTV.”

“Ideal for multiple applications whether on sand or the trail, these members of our powersports lines provide the high-end performance,” Tong continued. “The idea is really to redefine the audio space by presenting all the features, like the GRB Light, into one product while keeping the price still affordable.”

BOSS Speakers
Everything needed to install the BOSS B62RGB speakers is included. Steven Olsewski

Our first impression of the B62RGB out of the box was they were larger than we thought they would be. We were limited on mounting options, but this did not detour us from continuing and making them fit with our Can-Am.

We knew that we wanted them behind the seats and towards the outside of the vehicle. If we would have had a different cage design like some of the other side-by-sides out there mounting location could had been easier.

BOSS Speakers
The rear shock reserviors were moved down slightly to clearance the speakers. Steven Olsewski

Having the Maverick X3 we were able to squeeze them above the shock reservoir mount on the rear part of the cage. That part of the roll cage used a larger tube so we did not need to use the spacers provided in the kit.

The first thing we did was remove the bolts on the mount to allow us to position the speaker the way we wanted it. Having the bolts loose allowed us to turn the speaker with the mount on the roll cage to get the perfect angle without having to pull the speaker out and loosen the bolts and try another hole.

BOSS Speakers
The rear shock reserviors were moved down slightly to help fit the speakers. Steven Olsewski

Clamping the speakers may had seemed like the easiest part of the install, but the wiring was not too far behind that. We have installed some products before where the wiring can take all day and is either not labelled or extreme excess is given.

The wiring was straight forward and a lot of the connections only needed to be done on the driver side. Certain wires were ran from the driver speaker to the passenger side, making the install that much faster.

BOSS Speakers
The control panel was installed in the front center storage compartment. Steven Olsewski

Not having to run more wires from the battery or the front of the Can-Am saved a lot of headache. It was a simple run of the power cables to the battery behind the passenger seat and then the cable lead for the IPX5 rated weatherproof Bluetooth inline remote.

We knew that we wanted the remote by the shifter so either occupant could change the song or pause the music. We were able to mount the remote in front of the shifter in front of the shifter under the dash utilizing a factory bolt and the mount that comes with the kit.

BOSS Speakers
The BOSS B62RGB were able to be rotated to get the right angle. Steven Olsewski

The remote was the last part of the install and with it done we were able to turn on the system and see how many neighbors we could upset.


Before we took out our Can-Am we couldn’t wait to turn it up in the garage to see how the B62RGB worked. At around 50% we had to turn it down as it got too loud for use in a closed garage so we could only imagine what we could do out in the open.

BOSS Speakers
The BOSS speakers were installed on the rear cage down bars. Steven Olsewski

We headed out to a local desert spot to see how the B62RGB would perform on the vehicle while driving around. Turning the music up we rolled away from camp and headed down the trail.

At all speeds the music was easy to hear and understand, even through our full face helmets. The music was not muffled and put out enough sound to hear every one of our favorite songs.

BOSS Speakers
The sleek design doesn’t take away from the side-by-side’s appearance. Steven Olsewski

Closer to the evening we were interested to see how the RGB lights would add to the ambiance of the desert. The lights are bright enough to see during the day, but we preferred to leave them off until it got closer to sunset.

The lights on the B62RGB were plenty bright and the wireless remote made it easy to change colors and modes. The colors were completely customizable and could accent any theme a side-by-side could have.

BOSS Speakers
The BOSS speakers feature color changing lights. Steven Olsewski

Like all of their products, BOSS Audio offers a warranty with 30-day free repair and replacement, one year free parts and labor, and extended warranty offering two more years of protection. Overall, this is a great addition to any UTV or side-by-side model to allow music to be played wherever your adventure takes you.

For more information on BOSS and to find parts for you side-by-side, be sure to check out its website.