Baja Designs’ Next-Gen LED Tech

Baja Designs has taken its slogan, The Scientists of Lighting, seriously and has taken its LED light technology to new levels.

By Steven Olsewski | September 20, 2022
Baja Designs has taken LED light technology to new levels.

Off-road light technology has grown significantly since it was first introduced. The technology has continued to evolve and Baja Designs has taken its slogan, The Scientists of Lighting, seriously and is always testing new technology to make our lights the best on the market.

Introducing the next generation of LED technology to Baja Designs lights means more distance, more intensity, and more versatility. This allows Baja Designs to put the most useable light, where the driver needs it most without sacrificing near or mid-field illumination all born from their BDX program and race proven with the 2021 Baja 1000 overall victory.

Baja Designs has taken its time in the desert seriously which has helped improve the product.

Racing is at the core of Baja Designs and is their testing platform for new technology. They have used Baja racing, and time testing in the desert to validate products before going to market. This is a method that Baja Designs is proud of, but not one that they have made public over the years. Sharing glimpses of these special BDX lights with the public before launch was the way of finally bringing this practice into the public eye.

If you have ordered the Baja Designs lights within the last six months, you already have this next-generation LED technology built into your lights. Lights with next-generation LEDs built in already are the Squadron Pro, Squadron Racer, XL Pro. XL80, LP6 Pro, LP9 Pro, LP9 Racer, and the OnX6+.

For more information on Baja Designs or to find the right lights for your vehicle, be sure to visit their website.

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