Baja Designs uService Allows Repairs On The Fly

Baja Designs has recently announced uService which gives light owners a way to repair damaged lights or test out new patterns.

Scratched or damaged lenses on your lights can reduce their performance. Baja Designs has recently announced uService, giving those damaged lights a way to be repaired.

One key feature integrated into all Baja Designs’ forward projecting Lights is their user-replaceable lens and optic technology. uService is a term coined for the user serviceable lenses that allow users to interchange patterns on the fly. The technology is based on the compression of O-ring seals to give a completely waterproof and dustproof light (IP69K – Waterproof up to nine feet and pressure washable).

For Baja Designs, this technology is imperative for many reasons. Out on the trail or race course, the damage is sometimes unavoidable. Sand-blasting, rock roost, branches, and collisions all threaten your lenses. Even improper care can result in damage.

Baja Design's uService lights
Baja Design’s uService allows their lights to be fixed on the go or in the comfort of your own garage. Baja Designs

Without uService, you will likely be shopping for a brand-new light if any damage happens to the lenses. However, with Baja Designs uService technology, lights can easily be refreshed in minutes.

Another common situation stems from the ever-changing needs of off-roaders. It is not uncommon that users find they need their light to perform different tasks than what the product was initially purchased for.

Additions to a lighting package may happen, and users can now explore spot and wide cornering combinations rather than just playing it safe with Baja Designs’ Driving Combo pattern. Even if the vehicle is sold and the lights are kept for another project, they can be adjusted to suit the new build.

Baja Designs’ uService is a great way to get more out of your lights and allow that product to fit your needs for years to come. For more information on Baja Designs or uService, be sure to visit their website.