Bilstein B8 Control Arms Help Increase Performance

To help resolve issues with lifted vehicles front suspension geometry, Bilstein came out with its line of B8 Control Arms.
A Blistein control arm installed on a truck.
Bilstein’s B8 Control Arms help get lifted suspension working right again. Bilstein

Lifting your vehicle puts more stress on components and changes the suspension’s geometry from how the manufacturer designed it. To help resolve and get things working properly, Bilstein came out with its B8 Control Arms.

Maintaining a full range of motion, the direct-fit upper control arms expand caster angles and improve ball joint pivot angles for more straight-line stability and greater wheel travel when the trail gets rough—all while providing greater strength and toughness.

A perfect complement to any of Bilstein’s 5100 RHA, 6100 RHA, 6112, and 8112 suspension packages, the B8 upper control arms feature 4130 chromoly tubular steel construction and are professionally MIG-welded with formed steel bushing gussets for superior strength.

A collage of Bilstein control arms and a truck racing along a dirt road.
Bilstein’s B8 Control Arms are available for a wide range of applications. Bilstein

“People want to replace UCAs for two reasons—alignment correction and improved front end durability,” says Shane Casad, Head of Product Management. “We often get the question, ‘What arms should I use with Bilstein 5100 RHA, 6112, or 8112 dampers?’ These UCAs give customers peace of mind, knowing they can buy a control arm that will fit perfectly with any of our damper packages.”

Performance improvements of the B8 line include better alignment specs on lifted vehicles, and an optimized ball joint angle to reduce stress and gain wheel travel and clearance for larger shock and spring packages. The B8 control arms are CAD designed and feature heavy duty OEM-quality sealed ball joints which provide smooth and quiet operation along with increased durability and minimal servicing compared to uniballs while still adding an additional inch of wheel travel over stock.

The B8 control arms are made from 4130 chromoly tubular steel and are professionally MIG welded with formed steel bushing gussets for superior strength compared to stock arms. The control arms use polyurethane or Delrin bushings (depending on application) to reduce deflection and binding compared to OE rubber bushings for better handling.

For more information on Bilstein’s products or to find the right product for your vehicle, be sure to visit their website.