Boxo Tool Roll Bags Right Tools, Easy Storage

Boxo Tools listened to enthusiasts' needs in the truck and UTV markets to create a tool kit fit for both environments.
Boxo’s UTV Tool Roll and the Off-Road Tool Bag with Tool Roll are ready for anything that happens in the dirt.

When you hit the trail or head to the dunes, what will happen during the adventure is entirely unknown. Being prepared is the first step to having an enjoyable experience. Boxo Tools listened to enthusiasts’ needs in the truck and UTV markets to create a tool kit fit for both environments.

“Boxo has taken the initiative to work with industry partners, professionals, and enthusiasts alike to create and provide cohesive solutions in all of our toolkits,” Shelly Terrazas of Boxo said. “We are all about designing the best solution for the lifestyles targeted. We differentiate from our competitors because these are all purpose-built kits with the intent to provide all the necessary tools while leaving space to add additional items specific to their needs.”

“The tools in each of these products were a collaborative effort. Our product developers and a team of hard-core enthusiasts in the Powersports, motorsports, and recreational vehicle markets with the desire to provide the necessary tools to tackle most repairs.”

Each kit comes with the right tools in easy-to-identify pockets labeling the tool.

The two products we checked out firsthand were the UTV Tool Roll (PN PA915C) and the Off-Road Tool Bag with Tool Roll (PN PA916). They are both unique products, but both have the needs of their market ironed out.

The Off Road Tool Bag is an 80-piece set with a 61-piece tool roll plus five removable tool bags containing pliers, hammers, a pry bar, a tire repair kit, electrical test and repair items, and a universal bag for your other favorite items and tools. The UTV Tool Roll 66-piece set includes the most commonly used tools for UTVs like Polaris or Can-Am.

Each kit comes with the right tools in easy-to-identify pockets labeling the tool. This may not sound like a big deal, but in a pinch, if someone is helping that does not know what a specific tool is, they can read and find it. Nothing is more frustrating than being under a vehicle and getting out because the person grabbing the tool can’t find it.

Each kit comes with a wide range of tools, these tools come in the Off Road Tool Bag with Tool Roll.

The bag for the UTV Tool Roll and the Off Road Tool Bag is stitched from high-quality Cordura Nylon to ensure the tools stay organized and rattle-free. The Off Road Tool Bag features an outside molle webbing system it is ideal for securing additional items to the bag’s exterior.

“The PA915C tool roll was designed with the UTV enthusiast in mind,” Terrazas said. “It provides a compact tool solution that fits in your UTV to address the most common repairs encountered on the trails, dunes, or rock crawling. You can even change your belt.”

“Our PA916 Off Road Tool Bag with Tool Roll was designed with the tools that are most commonly used for repairs on outdoor adventures for Powersports, off-roading, RVing, camping, and overlanding,” Terrazas continued. “This tool set includes all the tools necessary to patch a tire, perform basic electrical checks, remove a hub, wheel nuts, and a plethora of other repairs. This is the one toolset every outdoor and off-road enthusiast should own.”

Boxo’s Off Road Tool Bag with Tool Roll has removable tool pouches.

The UTV Tool Roll and the Off Road Tool Bag have similar features, and going between the two, the layout is very similar, but each kit provides the specific tools for what it was designed. We liked the UTV Tool Roll and how it fit under the passenger seat in our 2020 Can-Am Turbo RR.

“The UTV Tool Roll was designed as a compact tool set solution for the UTV market,” Terrazas said. “The Off Road Tool Bag was the evolution of the UTV Tool Roll to provide more tools in a durable, compact portable solution for on-the-go uses. Although it was initially designed for off-road use, the Toolbag tool selection also addresses many common household repairs.”

Because the tool kits were so well thought out to have the right tools, we could even service the RC car we took out to the desert. Everything vehicle can still have that one part that needs a specific tool, and there is room to store that in the kits.

The labels in the tool rolls make it easy to find the tool or when someone is grabbing the tool for you.

“Boxo also produces an extensive line of professional tools and toolbox solutions,” Terrazas said. “This ensures strong quality control and an inventory of any component for fast customer service. At the end of the day, Boxo is known for its application-specific solutions coupled with our signature organization, whether in the form of high-grade Cordura Nylon rolls and bags or our famous EVA foam in our toolboxes. A limited lifetime warranty backs every Boxo product.”

“At Boxo, we do not just take pride in our turn-key solutions for various applications, but we are
true enthusiasts of the Off-road industry. Many of our employees test and even develop these kits by spending time out in the dirt with our partners and customers. This adds a different dimension of pride and passion to every product we sell.”

We couldn’t be happier to have a tool kit like this that is specific for the type of off-roading we are doing, knowing that we will have the right tools to keep the fun going in the dirt. For more information on Boxo’s products, be sure to visit its website.