New Products Of The 2023 Off-Road Expo

Check out the latest new products for the off-road market showcased at the 2023 Off-Road Expo.
The buildings were packed with tons of products on display, but some companies brought something new to show at this year’s Off-Road Expo. Steven Olsewski

This year’s Off-Road Expo was filled with products for almost every vehicle on the market. Products for trucks to jeeps could be found all over the showgrounds, but some exhibitors brought something new.

Off-Road Expo attendees look for the latest and greatest to put on their vehicles. Showcasing a new product at the show gets the product in front of the direct people who will be using it. This year, a wide range of new products showcased show that the off-road industry continues to grow and is listening to the community’s desires.

New products at this year’s show include:

Mob Armor released their new flat mounts. Steven Olsewski

Mob Armor: Keeping your phone in one place while bouncing off-road can be difficult. Mob Armor has a full line of mounts that keep your phone and other devices secure but showcased their new flat mount, adding a more permanent mounting fixture. These mounts bolt to a flat surface, providing a rigid mount for your devices.

Cooled seats have made their way to off-road seats, making those long hot rides more enjoyable. Steven Olsewski

PRP: Heated seats have made rides warm when it is cool out, but until now, there was nothing for the opposite. PRP showed off new technology that will not only heat your seat but can cool your seat with the push of a button. This new system acts as a heat sync, but it does the opposite when the polarity is switched. The system has three modes (low, medium, and high) for heat and cooling.

The map is designed for everyone from recreational UTV, 4×4, and desert truck enthusiasts to competitive desert racers. Rugged Routes

Rugged Routes: Getting lost is never a good thing, especially off-road. Rugged Routes announced the release of their Stoddard Wells, CA OHV map for Lowrance GPS systems. This cutting-edge product was created by mapping veteran Steven Lutz to improve trail navigation for casual and competitive off-road enthusiasts.

GG Lighting’s MPM makes adding lights to an existing mount down the road even easier. GG Lighting

GG Lighting: Introducing the MPM or Modular Pod Light Mount crafted from premium billet aluminum allows for light mounting adjustability. GG Lighting has MPM kits in two different setups, starting with a two-light option all the way up to a five-mount setup. The five-mount setup is used to replace a 30-inch bar.

AGM’s Rapid Rope, which features built-in soft shackles on both ends of the rope. Steven Olsewski

AGM: Getting stuck off-road is never good, but it is even worse when unprepared. AGM showed off its Rapid Rope, which features built-in soft shackles on both ends of the rope. No more need to grab two straps or extra D-rings; the 30-foot Rapid Rope has everything you need all the time. It has a 17,000-pound break strength and a 5,000-pound pull strength.

Tuffy Security’s secure storage box keeps items safe. Steven Olsewski

Tuffy Security: A Jeep is great for taking the top and doors off during nice weather, but removing that also removes the Jeep’s security. Tuff Security released new products for the Jeep JT to keep items safe inside, including an under-seat locking storage box. The box easily mounts under the rear seat of your Jeep Gladiator using four included bolts and creates over 2000 cubic inches of secure, concealed storage.

Linkswell’s T-Style Radios designed with factory-match dash bezels that give the radios a factory look. Steven Olsewski

Linkswell: Looking to have a more modern display in your vehicle? Linkswell showed off their T-Style Radios, each designed with factory-match dash bezels that give the radios a factory look. They are all being built on the largest Android tablets they can fit into the dash to give it a refreshed look inside the vehicle. Each radio has Plug-N-Play harnesses, RCA pre-outs, Android App support, and so much more.

McLeod Racing showed off their Jeep JL clutch products to help prevent the transmission from exploding. Steven Olsewski

McLeod Racing: The Jeep JL/JT manual transmissions have been known to blow up while driving. McLeod Racing has the products to help fix the problem before it leaves you stranded. From the factory, Jeep uses a plastic slave cylinder, plastic fork, plastic bearing, and an inadequate clutch, which all lead to premature wear and explosion. McLeod Racing uses their 1400 Series hydraulic throwout bearing, an 11-inch clutch, and their Max Mass flywheel to help your Jeep run better than it did from the factory for years to come, but most importantly, not explode.

Rock Krawler featured a ton of new products on the Bronco displayed in their booth. Steven Olsewski

Rock Krawler: Rock Krawler is known for its suspension and brought some new products for both the Bronco and Super Duty. They showcased their new billet A-arms for the Bronco as well as a new rear suspension. Rock Krawler also displayed their new billet front links for the Super Duty as well.

Seal Savers Quick Fill Saver is just one new product that can be seen at the show. Steven Olsewski

Seal Saver: Seal Savers showed off their new Quick Fill Saver. This product is used to protect dry breaks on fuel cans. Use these to protect the quick fill from dirt, sand, and dust getting into the spring and preventing it from working correctly. If sand or dirt bounds up the spring on your quick fill, it can lead to leaks and spills as you fuel your car, which can be extremely dangerous. It easily slides over the dry break and keeps it dust-free when refueling is finished.

KC HiLites teased a new light bar coming out next month. Steven Olsewski

KC HiLites: While not officially out or launched, KC HiLites teased a new product that will be launching on October 10th. The Flex Era Light Bar will surely add another great product to the KC lights. For more information on the Flex Era Light Bar when it is released, be sure to head over to the KC HiLites website.

TeraFlex brought their new Falcon coilovers for the Jeep JL. Steven Olsewski

TeraFlex: Looking for a better ride off-road? TeraFlex brought their new Falcon coilovers for the Jeep JL. These coilovers are packed with features but also feature their unique spring sliders that make for an even quieter ride. The spring slider is a two-piece design that is packed with technology, including bearings and seals, to help keep spring noise down.

VIAIR’s new VMS makes having air on the trail even easier. Steven Olsewski

VIAIR: Extra air can be useful for numerous things on the trail. VIAIR‘s new VMS (VIAIR Mounted System) kits are designed to provide the most reliable and powerful solution to airing down and airing up your tires when driving off the highway. The VMS can also be used for air tools, air horns, air lockers, airbags, and all kinds of inflatables.

If you missed this year’s show, be sure to come out to next year’s show from September 28th to 29th, 2024, at the Fairplex in Pomona, California.