Nomad Wheels Complements Overland Vehicles

Nomad Wheels has emerged as minimalist, utilitarian brand supporting classic wheel designs that feature new age technology.
Nomad Wheels emerged to give overland vehicles a more vintage minimalistic look.

A wheel can make or break the look of a vehicle, but they also allow the owner to put their sense of style into their build. Nomad Wheels has emerged to give overland vehicles a more vintage minimalistic look.

“Nomad Wheels is under the family-owned wheel organization Allied Wheel Components, a sister brand to Raceline Wheels,” Carter Kendall of Nomad Wheels explained. “Raceline has been pushing the envelope with off-road wheels in all segments, especially professional off-road racing, and rock crawling with their beadlock wheel technology.” 

“Seeing the rise of folks merging camping and off-roading, the team wanted to come out with some wheels that were a bit more understated and complimented vehicles that are outfitted for the off-road camping and exploration lifestyle taking a strong influence from vintage aesthetics from around the world.”

Nomad Wheels supports classic wheel designs that look good on a wide range of vehicles.

In a day and age where people express a lot about who they are through their vehicles, Nomad Wheels set out to give one of the fastest-growing off-road segments something unique. Many overland builds are purpose-built and do not need the traditional flashy wheels that can be found in other areas.

Rather than do this under the brand Raceline and risk getting lost in the mix, the team decided it would make the most sense to start a niche brand intentionally designed for this specific market.

“A small team was assembled to take on the challenge of building a brand designed specifically for this niche, and the brand was crafted over the course of a year before its launch in 2022,” Kendall said. “What resulted is a minimalist, utilitarian brand supporting classic wheel designs that look good on vintage 4x4s and modern vehicles alike.” 

Nomad Wheels is ready for any adventure.

“We are hoping through design, marketing, and events, Nomad Wheels can be an inclusive off-road wheel brand that everyone feels comfortable being a part of regardless of their experience level or interests. We all love being outside and enjoying our diverse hobbies, and we all are obsessed with the vehicles that take us there.”

Nomad Wheels isn’t just about the visual look of the wheel, and they have some great technology built into the wheel. All the wheels produced by Nomad Wheels use Formlite technology, also known as flow form. This technology produces a lighter and stronger end product and is the superior method for building cast aluminum wheels. 

Nomad Wheels feature a reinforced inner lip for increased strength on and off-road. In addition, each wheel features deep pad pocketing between the lug holes for weight reduction.

The 501 Convoy is one of Nomad Wheels play on a classic steelie look.

One wheel that is making a splash in the market is Nomad Wheels’ 501 Convoy.

“The 501 Convoy features a classic steelie look,” Kendall said. “It complements the vehicle without distracting. This wheel is understated, simple, utility, and timeless. We cover the colors that we have been spray painting our steelies for decades in this wheel, and it is available in satin black, utility gray, and salt.”

Nomad Wheels is one of the last family-owned wheel brands in the industry, with two generations currently in the office in Southern California. For more information on Nomad Wheels or to find a set of wheels for your vehicle, be sure to visit their website.