PRP’s All-New Enduro Seat With Four Versions

PRP unveiled an all-new seat that is available with four different containment options making it work in a wide range of vehicles.

PRP Seats unveiled a new seat that allows vehicle owners to select the right comfort level for their type of off-roading. The all-new Enduro seat line is made up of one seat that is available in four different and unique configurations.

The four different configurations are:

  • EnduroDaily: Least containment, perfect for daily driving
  • EnduroTrail: Medium containment with leg bolsters
  • EnduroTrek: Medium containment with side bolsters
  • EnduroCrawl: Most containment, perfect for rock crawling

Whether you prefer more containment in the upper area, lower area, or both, the new Enduro Series suspension series has more options than any other seat. Suspension seats are proven to relieve fatigue and allow you to ride more comfortably for longer.

PRP’s all-new Enduro seat offers four different containment options.

The Enduro seat line features a dual-slot headrest for harnesses and is made using thick dual-layered foam to help increase the comfort level of the seat. Each configuration in the Enduro line folds almost all the way forward and backward.

For more information on PRP or to find the right product for your application, be sure to visit their website.