Rigid Industries Shows Off Dual-Color SAE Fog Light
Rigid Dual color fog light

Rigid Industries has been one light company to push the SAE compliance of their lights. Their offerings recently expanded with the launch of their SAE J583 compliant street-legal dual-color LED fog light.

In the off-road community, the popularity has grown to have amber fog lights, but the problem was always deciding between amber or white fog lights. Rigid's new D-Series lights, available in round or square, give the best of both worlds allowing toggleable lighting. The lights are able to have yellow and white on at the same time or select between the two colors individually.

Rigid's SAE compliant lights were developed specifically for dust, fog, and other low-visibility conditions while being legal for use on the street. The ability to toggle between Selective Yellow or White lighting gives you the ability to select the optimal lighting for your driving conditions.

The new lights have increased raw lumens from previous models. When running with both colors on there is an increased beam intensity compared to previous SAE applications.

The wiring harness is sold separately, but to find the right lights for your application, be sure to visit Rigid Industries' website.