Rigid’s 360-Series Lights Add Style And Function

Rigid’s 360-Series round lights are a great option for looks and performance when adding additional lights.
Rigid’s 360-Series lights add style and function to any vehicle.

With the sun setting early during the winter, the lights on your vehicle become even more critical. Rigid’s 360-Series round lights are a great option for looks and performance.

Rigid’s 360-Series lights are available in a four-inch or six-inch light with four different backlight colors and three different beam patterns to completely customize the experience and look. The light’s backlight color options are red, white, blue, and amber, which can help fit a 

The optimized beam patterns on the 360-Series lights project up to 8,600 raw lumens, from 17 to 60 degrees. Rigid even offers some of the 360-Series lights in an SAE fog light. 

The Rigid 360-Series lights have four different backlight options to match the style of any vehicle.

An aluminum housing protects the lights, including a blacked-out circuit board, prominent Rigid branding, and a limited lifetime warranty. Knowing that the lights are built to withstand the abuse off-road.

Rigid’s 360-Series round lights seamlessly integrate into multiple OEM applications and make it easier than ever to Own The Night. Light harnesses are sold separately. Check out Rigid’s website for more information on the 360-Series lights or other products.