Shined Up Right With Lucas Oil

Keeping that off-road vehicle clean may be difficult, but to make things easier, Lucas Oil has a full line of car care products.
Lucas Oil’s full lineup of car care products.

Keeping that off-road vehicle clean may be difficult, but to make things easier, Lucas Oil has a full line of car care products to make sure that it looks brand new. Lucas Oil’s Slick Mist line has all the necessary products to ensure that everything is covered.

Lucas Oil’s appearance line of products comprises ceramic speed wax, interior detailer, marine speed wax, speed wax, tire and trim shine, and metal polish. The lineup has just what is needed to make that truck or jeep look good both on-road and off-road.

“Our line is not extensive, but it contains key products that the car, truck, and outdoor enthusiast can use to its greatest advantage: two high-quality Speed Wax products, Tire and Trim Shine, Interior Detailer, and Metal Polish,” Lucas Oil Chemist, Greg Hewgill said. “All give good performance and are broadly applicable.”

The Lucas Oil Speed Slick Mist Speed Wax and the Speed Slick Mist Ceramic Speed Wax have very close names, but there is a bigger difference between the two.

Lucas Oil has two speed waxes, Slick Mist Ceramic Speed Wax and Slick Mist Speed Wax.

“Both are great waxes for any vehicle’s finish, providing good shine, luster, and long-lasting protection,” Hewgill said. “Lucas Slick Mist Speed Wax is the original and has a devoted following. It is extremely versatile. Many of our customers use it on painted surfaces and even on glass to improve water repellency and create a deep luster. Slick Mist Speed Wax repels water, dirt, and mud and is ideal to use before going off-road.”

“Ceramic Speed Wax employs a newer technology, forming a hard ceramic-like coating on the paint’s surface which is extra durable. It is the best choice for enthusiasts seeking the deepest shine and durability. The two products complement each other very well.”

One product that may be considered little by off-roaders is metal polish. This is one product that more off-road, truck and Jeep owners could benefit from. While chrome wheels aren’t as popular as they used to be, people still have them and factory chrome bumpers.

The Lucas Oil Slick Mist Detail Kit comes with everything you need to get your vehicle shined right.

“Lucas Oil’s Metal Polish is versatile and easy to use, yet effective on tough jobs,” Hewgill said. “It has just the right kind and amount of abrasives, enough to aid in cleaning and promoting shine without worry about scratching.” 

“You can use it on bare metal surfaces like aluminum, chrome, or stainless steel. This can be wheels or tubular steel like a frame, body, or roll cage.”

We had the chance to test the product line, and we couldn’t have been more pleased with how well the products work. We tested them on a wide variety of surfaces, from the exterior of an RV to the skid plate on an off-road skid plate.

Having the ability to use both the Slick Mist Ceramic Speed Wax and the Slick Mist Speed Wax, we could really tell the difference between the two. We liked the Slick Mist Ceramic Speed Wax more due to its extreme shine and extra protection with the ceramic coating.

We used and were surprised how well the Metal Polish worked on beaten up skid plate.

Using a metal polish was newer to us, we had used it years ago, but nothing like the Lucas Oil Metal Polish. We didn’t have many bare metal surfaces to test the polish on, but we were able to find a bare aluminum skid plate that the metal polish shined right up. The skid plate looked brand new, and we were surprised by how much it shined up, given its life in the dirt.

Lucas Oil has had many years of testing the quality of their products in their off-road series, both trucks, Dirt Late Model cars, sprints, and pulling vehicles. They proved their products could help with the shine and repel dirt and mud on the trails and tracks.

Check out Lucas Oil’s website to find out more about Lucas Oil’s Slick Mist products or their whole line of lubricants specifically for the off-road industry.