The WAVE System: Hydration On The Go

FluidLogic understands the importance of hydration and we had the chance to take our hydration to new levels with the WAVE system.
FluidLogic’s WAVE system includes everything you need to install on just about any vehicle.

Whether you are heading to the trail or the dunes, one thing that is always packed is cooler, but storing it on the journey may not always be ideal. We all get thirsty while off-roading, and making sure we have something to drink is important regardless of where the adventure takes you.

FluidLogic understands the importance of hydration at the highest levels of racing, both on-road and off-road. Providing a hydration system to more enthusiasts was the idea behind the WAVE.

“The idea behind the WAVE system was that we wanted to make something that would appeal to the average racer or enthusiast,” Andrew Grimm from FluidLogic said. “We understand that not everyone needed a full-blown Active Hydration system, so the WAVE was our solution for people who wanted an entry-level hydration system.”

The bottle included in the WAVE system mounts on a quick disconnect mount.

“Hydration is important no matter what you’re doing. Whether off-roading, racing, hiking or playing sports, hydration can be the difference between winning and losing. We work very closely with Michigan State University and its motorsports lab. We have proved that a racer who is consistently hydrated makes fewer mistakes and retains mental acuity throughout the duration of their event.”

The WAVE has everything you need to install and get hydration on the go or an easy way to hydration when the vehicle stops. The system is designed to work on side-by-sides, Jeeps, trucks, and just about anything with a roll cage.

“The FluidLogic WAVE is very easy to install, and anyone can do it with basic tools,” Grimm explained. “The only thing I would say is that you must ensure the bottle is somewhat upright. It’s okay if the bottle is at a 45-degree or even a 30-degree angle. Just make sure it is somewhat upright.”

The drinking hose can be cut down to fit the application the WAVE system is being installed in, and FluidLogic even includes a new piece of heat shrink to make it look right.

We had the chance to install the system and review it in a race truck and a Can-Am. The bottle in the kit keeps things cold all day long and is mounted on a quick-disconnect mount similar to those you see for fire extinguishers. This makes swapping the bottle out or refilling it easy.

The mount uses hose clamps to secure it to the vehicle, and mounting it in both vehicles was a breeze. When we swapped the vehicle the WAVE system was in, nothing special was needed. 

Included in the kit are different diameter straps which allow the hose to be secured to the vehicle. The dairy-grade insulated draw tube that runs from the bottle to the mouthpiece is 7.5 feet long and can be cut down to fit the application. The magnetic draw hose dock keeps the mouthpiece secured while off-roading.

We used the WAVE system on both a race truck and Can-Am.

When we installed the WAVE system in the Can-Am, it was refreshing to get a drink of water and not have to stop to grab a water bottle out of a cooler. It was great having something to drink while driving but also using the same system for drinking when we parked.

The WAVE in the race truck added a new level and experience. For those that do not think hydration is important after being in the truck for over six hours, I was not as fatigued as I was when I was not able to hydrate in the truck and felt more alert while driving.

Overall, we couldn’t be happier to have a hydration system that can adapt to different vehicles and keeps our fluids cool. The WAVE worked whether we needed a drink driving around the dunes or stopped on the trail. For more information on the WAVE system or other FluidLogic products, be sure to check out their website.