Gymkhana 2022: Travis Pastrana Vacation Shred

Gymkhana 2022 takes the series in a high-flying new direction with a Travis Pastrana-guided tour of South Florida.

Subaru of America launched the second Travis Pastrana Gymkhana video, Vacation Shred. Travis takes on Florida in the ultimate wagon, the Subaru Family Huckster. This is the second Gymkhana video created by Subaru in partnership with Hoonigan and Subaru Motorsports USA rally and rallycross star Travis Pastrana.

Set in South Florida, Gymkhana 2022 takes the series in a high-flying new direction and stars a 862-horsepower Subaru Family Huckster Wagon “loosely” based on a 1983 Subaru US Ski Team GL Wagon, but now with US Skid Team graphics. Designed by Subaru Motorsports and Vermont SportsCar, the Huckster Wagon was created with a few full-time, full-send features–active aero, AWD sequential transmission, rear-mounted radiators and an EJ-based 2.3-liter billet Subaru Boxer 4-cylinder engine based on the Subaru Motorsports RallyCross engine and ready for 8,000 plus RPM. With a touch of carbon fiber everything, including roof racks and 80s rear window louvers, a cassette player for your mix tapes, the Subaru Family Huckster is designed to fly, jump, slide and skim across water and a 165 mph top speed for racing jets. It is like no Subaru Wagon ever before. 

“Making this Gymkhana video was even more fun than the last one, except for the part where I broke my pelvis base jumping! That delayed the shoot while I healed up but it was worth it.” said Pastrana. “This Subaru wagon is the most fun car I have ever driven, and I’m addicted. This was a great chance to be even more creative with the stunts and it was great to have some of my favorite people make some cameos. I hope everyone watching enjoys it as I did. And what a car, I really tried to break it, but it just kept going. This whole thing was so epic!’

Gymkhana 22 takes you on a very Travis Pastrana-guided tour of South Florida and brings heavy doses of Travis, bigger jumps, special guest stars and a lot of high-speed insanity. No tires are spared. The Gymkhana Subaru Family Huckster is featured in the latest Hoonigan Build Biology episode and the build will be the subject of a three-episode “Road to Gymkhana” miniseries of Subaru’s Award-Winning Launch Control series. An extended cut of Gymkhana 2022 will be released shortly.