Clinical Racing Conquers The Desert With Best Finish Yet

Clinical Racing took on the second race of the 2023 MORE season and ended up with the best finish they have ever had.

Clinical Racing headed to Lucerne Valley, California, for the Transaxle Engineering Challenge, the second race of the 2023 MORE season. The race took place on April 29th on Anderson Dry Lake Bed.

The team headed out with a truck that had recently received some new upgrades to help improve the truck and make it faster. Adding new larger brakes to the front of the truck and a U-bolt eliminator that Hoodrat Manufacturing Company welded to the rear, everything was lining up to be a great weekend in the desert.

Race day came, and the team started seventh out of nine trucks after the random starting draw. After a windy first couple of days in the desert, there was little to no breeze at the start of the warm race day.

Clinical Racing making their way through the Class 2000 field. Clinical Racing

On the way to the starting line, the air pumper in the truck shut off and could not be reset before the start of the race. Driver Steven Olsewski and co-driver Travis Vallo knew it would be a warm day in the truck.

One off-season upgrade was adding a Fluidlogic hydration system into the truck. The system keeps cool water available for the truck’s occupants, and with temperatures in the mid-90s, it would be needed.

“I don’t know what we would have done with our pumper going out if we didn’t have the Fluidlogic systems in the truck,” Olsewski said. “The system gave Travis and me something cool to drink and a way to stay hydrated all day. It was a true lifesaver this race.”

The upgrades the team has done to the truck paid off at the last race. Clinical Racing

Olsewski and Vallo headed off the line, set a good pace from the start, and began working their way through the field, passing a few trucks. The team settled in and began to battle with the no. 2011 Nexgen truck. 

After a missed sharp turn, the Nexgen truck got around the no. 2013 Clinical Racing truck. Coming into the pits after the first of three laps Class 2000 had to complete on race day, the team was sitting in fourth place.

The course had a mix of every type of terrain and included 22 miles of virgin race course. From tight technical wash sections to long whoop sections, MORE set up a fun, technical course that kept teams on point all race during each 47-mile lap.

The no. 2013 Clinical Racing truck flying through the desert. Clinical Racing

Olsewski and Vallo pushed the Clinical Racing truck through the desert terrain. At the start of the second lap in one of the tight wash sections, they approached a vehicle that was stopped in the middle of the course. 

They had to go around the vehicle but dislodged a large boulder on the slope, which hit underneath the truck hard. Taking the next mile to feel the truck out, they noticed that the rock had not done any damage and could continue to push.

They were continuing to battle with the no. 2011, the team was now fighting for second and third positions. Toward the end of the second lap, Clinical Racing passed the no. 2011 after they pulled over with an issue. 

There was a mix of all different types of terrain at the last MORE race. Clinical Racing

At the end of the second lap, the team planned a pit stop to add fuel and look over the truck before starting the third lap. The pit crew was ready in the pit with the help of some other Class 2000 pit members and knocked out a fast stop.

“Everyone in the pits was perfect the one time we had to stop,” Olsewski said. “Leaving the pit after the job they did, I knew we had a solid truck, and all I needed to do was get the truck to the finish line to end a great race day.”

Heading back out on the third lap, the team sat in second place. Olsewski and Vallo continue to run at the pace they had the entire race while working on getting the truck to the finish line.

Clinical Racing making their way trough the Lucerne Valley desert. Clinical Racing

They only ran into a few vehicles during the third lap and made quick time. When the dust settled, Olsewski and Vallo were the second truck to cross the finish line in Class 2000 behind the no. 2055 of Kyle Thomas.

“I couldn’t be happier with how race day went,” Olsewski said. “Everything worked out great and showed the upgrades we have been making to the truck have been paying off.”

Next for Clinical Racing will be an exhibition event with Bend-Tech in Wisconsin. They will be at the Minnesota Go-4 Wheelers Total Off Road Rally on Memorial Day weekend, May 26th to 29th, at the Trollhaugen Outdoor Recreation Area in Dresser, Wisconsin.

Clinical Racing with a second place finish. (Left to Right: Travis Vallo, Steven Olsewski, Tyler Francis) Clinical Racing

With the second-place finish this race and the third-place finish at the first race of the year, Clinical Racing is currently leading the Class 2000 points championship. They look to continue the season in a little over six weeks.

The third race of the 2023 MORE season takes place from July 7th to 9th at Glen Helen Raceway for the GG Lighting Freedom Cup. This is a fan-favorite event on the 4.5-mile Grand Prix-style course with plenty of areas to see all the trucks racing.

Clinical Racing couldn’t have done the race without the help of our partners, Bend-Tech, Motul, Gravel Kings, Atlas Suspension, Mickey Thompson Tires, Raceline Wheels, FK Rod Ends, Rigid Industries, Hoodrat Manufacturing Company, Evans Coolant, JE Reel, PNDA Offroad, M Whips, Rugged Radios, and RVMD.