Kristin Matlock Wins UTV Class at NORRA Mexican 1000 On Yokohama Tires

Team Yokohama driver Kristin Matlock made history to win the UTV class at the NORRA 1000 and finished third overall.
Team Yokohama driver Kristin Matlock made history to win the UTV class at the NORRA 1000. Yokohama

It was a family affair at the Yokohama NORRA Mexican 1000. Team Yokohama driver Kristin Matlock made history and beat her husband Wayne by 1.46 seconds to win the UTV class and finished 3rd overall. She became the first woman ever to win the UTV class at the Mexican 1000. Kristin’s winning time was 18:05.00 compared to Wayne’s 18:06.46 (Wayne finished 2nd in UTV and 4th overall). Both drivers competed on race-proven GEOLANDAR SD tires.

“The super-competitive Matlock battle was the highlight of this year’s race,” said Patricia Wall, Yokohama’s motorsports manager. “They were seconds apart after each stage but Kristen just beat out Wayne at the finish to secure 1st place. This is a major feat for Kristin and a UTV as she also competed against Unlimited Trucks and Unlimited Buggies, as well as 171 other racers.”

“The Mexican 1000 is one of my favorite races, so to win here, in such a dramatic fashion – and over my husband – was fantastic,” said Kristin Matlock. “The durable Yokohama GEOLANDAR SDs proved once again they are the best UTV tires around.”

Yokohama was the title sponsor of the NORRA Mexican 1000 for the seventh consecutive year. The 56th running of the iconic rally, famous for its retro vibe and emphasis on fun competition – and dubbed “The Happiest Race on Earth” – was a five-day,1,300-mile blast through Mexico’s Baja peninsula. 

Kristin Matlock and her team celebrating at the NORRA 1000. Yokohama

Other notable finishers on Yokohama tires included:

Evolution Class 10

Eli Yee Jr – 1st place (GEOLANDAR SD)

Evolution Heavy Metal

Perry McNeil – 1st place and winner of the “Yokohama Spirit of Baja” award. (GEOLANDAR M/T-R)

Legend Buggies

Jim Greenway – 2nd place (GEOLANDAR SD)

Pioneer 4×4

Boyd Jaynes 1st place (GEOLANDAR M/T G003)

Vintage open trucks

Andrea Tomba – 3rd (GEOLANDAR M/T G003)

Vintage short wheelbase 4×4

Larry Trim – 1st (GEOLANDAR M/T G003)