Rancho Heading To Be Featured At Easter Jeep Safari

Rancho shocks is set to make a splash at Moab by attending the 56th annual Easter Jeep Safari.

Rancho performance suspension and shock will be attending the 56th annual Easter Jeep Safari (EJS) in Moab, Utah, from April 9 through April 17, 2022. In addition to sponsoring select trail runs, the Rancho team will be there to showcase its latest suspension technologies at the RR4W EJS Vendor Show and Expo on April 14-15.

Among its featured product offerings at EJS is the Rancho RS7MT shock absorber. This latest offering from Rancho features an eye-catching design that, like other Rancho products, is designed to fit right out of the box, with application-specific mounting and no need for installing sleeves or other extra hardware.

A jeep driving over rocky and dirt terrain.
Rancho’s vehicles will be taking on the trails during Easter Jeep Safari. Rancho

Each RS7MT shock features an integrated dirt wiper sealing system that helps keep moisture, dirt, and other debris from contaminating the shock and a hardened piston rod that resists scuffs and corrosion. Its large two-inch monotube body filled with all-weather fluid allows for cooler operation, increased vehicle control, and the ability to withstand internal temperatures of -40 to 248° Fahrenheit.

Also featured is the new RS7MT steering stabilizer. Specifically designed for vehicles with oversized tires and wheels, the RS7MT steering stabilizer is also highly effective in the dissipation of heat and in keeping out dirt and debris thanks to the same integrated dirt wiper sealing system used on the RS7MT shock. The RS7MT steering stabilizer is ideal for off-road driving and towing applications and features a hardened piston rod that resists scuffs and corrosion, and an internal rebound bumper to smooth out the ride on any terrain.

A caravan of jeeps and trucks driving across dirty terrain.
Rancho’s vehicles on a recent trail. Rancho

“Drivers that are looking to upgrade the performance of their Jeeps should look no further than the full array of products that Rancho has to offer,” said Michael Sype, brand manager, Rancho. “We are excited to be able to participate in the EJS and can’t wait to show off how well our products perform with precision handling and control for an exhilarating on- or off-road experience.”

The Rancho brand specializes in performance suspension systems, shock absorbers, ride control products and popular rockGEAR® off-road performance accessories. Known for the off-road market’s first nine-position adjustable shock absorber, the RS9000®XL (which allows off-road enthusiasts to adjust the level of compression/rebound damping to suit their riding style), Rancho continues to add fully- engineered, industry-leading technologies like Dynamic Rebound Springs (DRS), D2 bushings and more.

A jeep driving over rocky and dirt terrain.
Rancho will have their fleet out in full force at Easter Jeep Safari. Rancho

The Easter Jeep Safari consists of trail rides, mostly day-long trips, departing from Moab throughout the 9-day-long event that draws off-road enthusiasts from all over the country. The official event is hosted by the Red Rock 4-Wheelers Inc., one of the local four-wheel-drive clubs of Moab. For more information on Rancho or to find parts for your vehicle, be sure to visit Rancho’s website.