Trophy Burro’s Bucking Ford F100

Trophy Burro's owner, Simon Flynn, and his 1969 Ford F100 has taken his truck and given it a little more Burro style.
a blue and white Trophy Burro Bucking Ford F100
Trophy Burro’s F100 is show ready, but can handle its own off-road. Trophy Burro

What kind of Burro is that? A question that is seen on Trophy Burro‘s Instagram, but for its owner, Simon Flynn, and his 1969 Ford F100 it has a different meaning. After purchasing the vehicle from Andy McMillin three years ago it has since got a little more Burro style.

Trophy Burro’s Bucking Ford F100
The Ford F100 overlooking the Baja coast. Trophy Burro

“I got into the off-road scene about 15 years ago when I moved to Cabo and ran into a crew who raced Class 9 and Class 16 down here,” Simon said. “I was looking for a build to could be fun, comfortable, and something to race the NORRA peninsula runs.”

Trophy Burro’s Bucking Ford F100 and owner Simon Flynn
Simon Flynn standing next to the Ford F100. Trophy Burro

The truck Flynn ended up with was ready to go and with the success of the McMillin family in off-road racing, the truck was definitely set up for success from the start. Even with the original package, Flynn had his list of to-dos.

Trophy Burro’s Bucking Ford F100 lights
Amber lights help cut through the dust and make it easier for drivers to see at night. Trophy Burro

“After I got the truck I did some updates to it before the 2019 NORRA 1000 with Even Weller and got it working well just fixing the suspension and weight mainly,” Flynn explained. “Then after NORRA, we found some items on the frame that needed attention.”

Trophy Burro’s Bucking Ford F100 cab
The F100 cab is roomy for a daily driver or race truck. Trophy Burro

“We got the frame all plated, boxed, and braced which also included boxing in the beams,” Flynn continued. “After that was taken care of, we then went to town with fiberglass, paint, and finally all new wiring and electronics.”

Trophy Burro’s Bucking Ford F100 cab panels
Everything is within easy reach inside the F100 cab. Trophy Burro

Powering this Burro is a 351 Windsor stroked to 383-ci built by Greg at TPR Industr, but that will be changing soon. The next step is a new SBF from TPR Industry with EFI which should be a lot of fun.

The truck features Mark Newhan beams and Dirt Tech Real links and Method 103 beadlocks which were powder coated by Swift Powder Coating. In addition, the Burro has Baja Designs lights all over including taillights and headlights and Advance Fiberglass Concepts fenders.

Trophy Burro’s Bucking Ford F100 chassis
Being able to work on the front of the F100 is easy and open. Trophy Burro

“I love the new interior set up and the new AEM Electronics screens,” Flynn said. “It’s amazing to have modern technology in an old F100.”

The F100 isn’t done seeing time racing as Flynn plans to do NORRA again when they start running back to Cabo. Other than racing he plans to do some runs with the Expedition Off-Road crew and catch them on one of their next adventures.

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