BJ Baldwin Talks About Crashing On Purpose

Stories are the best way to hear about how something may have happened, and the stories of off-road racers are second to none. One driver who has had their share of stories is BJ Baldwin and this story is something we haven't heard before.

In AGM Products' Story Time series, Baldwin talks about how he made the decision to crash the truck on purpose in order to save someone else. This could be a great act of heroism or he could have just run out of talent.

BJ Baldwin Story

When it comes to driving on the edge, there may be nobody who has taken more wild rides than Baldwin. The Las Vegas Native has spent years crafting and honing his driving skills. A lot of mistakes have been made along the way and in this storytime.

Reactions in off-road racing are split-second decisions and they can sometimes be a roll of a dice. We will let you watch the video and see what you think of Baldwin's decision.