Trophy Trucks Flying Down Zoo Road In Baja

There are many popular roads in the world, but in the off-road community Zoo Road is one that never disappoints. Zoo Road sits in San Felipe, Baja California, and is one of the most exciting roads to see exactly what a Trophy Truck is capable of.

John Tuba, Tuba Art Films, has taken off-road videos to new levels on his YouTube channel. In this video from south of the border, he showed exactly what this 10-mile stretch of dirt road whoops looks like as the Trophy Trucks drive over 100 miles per hour over them as 10,000 fans sit back in amazement.

Trophy Truck down Zoo Road
A Trophy Truck heading down Zoo Road lined with spectators.

Zoo Road makes every dollar of the suspension work as trucks go down the road. If your suspension is not set up properly the road will make your vehicle unsettled and make for a rough ride.

The road is also unique due to the number of off-road fans that line the road and watch the racers drive by. This is something that definitely makes the off-road races in Baja something different from anywhere else.

Until next year's SCORE San Felipe 250, we can sit and enjoy this video.