Change Of Tune: Flowmaster FlowFX Active Valve

Choosing the right sound can be one of the hardest decisions when it comes to this upgrade, but Flowmaster has just the right solution.
Active Valve kit
The Flowmaster FlowFX Active Valve kit installed on a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. Steven Olsewski

An exhaust not only increases performance, but it is the defining sound of a vehicle that makes it stand out from the rest of the flock. Choosing the right sound can be one of the hardest decisions when it comes to this upgrade, but Flowmaster has just the right solution.

Flowmaster’s FlowFX Direct Fit Muffler Kit with Active Valve (PN 717911) gives users the ability to have two different sounds all in one package. To test the kit out and see for ourselves how it worked we installed it on a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado with the 5.3-liter V8.


To find out more about what we would be putting on our truck, we spoke to Steve Sparkman of Flowmaster to get the inside scoop.

FlowFX Active Vale
Flowmaster’s FlowFX Active Vale for the 2019 and newer GM half-ton pickup. Steven Olsewski

“The FlowFX Active Dual-mode muffler features Flowmaster’s new WAVE (Wireless Active Valve Exhaust) technology,” Sparkman said. “The kit is a direct-fit replacement muffler with split personalities offering a nice suttle or a mean aggressive sound.”

This active valve exhaust features an aggressive active by-pass sound, mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing, wireless controlled actuator motor, and comes with two key fobs. There isn’t anything that the kit doesn’t come with to prevent an easy install.

wireless key fob
Change of exhaust tune is made easy thanks to the wireless key fob. Steven Olsewski

“The active valve kit allows you to go from a ‘mild’ sound with the family to ‘wild’ with your buddy’s all with a touch of a button on the key fob,” Sparkman continued. “Both modes outperform the stock system, and it can be installed right at home with some basic hand tools & no welding need.”

Being armed with everything we needed to get the kit installed, we slid under the truck and got to work.


To see how different each exhaust sound personality was different we got under the Silverado to start cutting. The kit is a direct fit, which means that it will be replacing the factory muffler while retaining the factory exhaust tubes in front and behind the muffler.

The factory exhuast was cut using the measurements provided. Steven Olsewski

The instructions were nicely laid out and gave you specific measurements on where to cut the exhaust in both the front and rear. Making sure to measure twice and cut once, we made the cuts using a sawzall.

One thing we did to make getting the FlowFX muffler installed was removing a couple of the exhaust hangers to allow us to move the tubes around. Having the tubes loose made it easier to get our muffler in, and do not forget to slide the exhaust clamps on before putting the muffler on. It saves time and having to pull the muffler back out – ask us how we know.

FlowFX Active Valve
The FlowFX Active Valve is the heart of the installation. Steven Olsewski

Getting the muffler installed and bolted down went relatively smooth. The next thing that needs to be done was the electrical. The Active Valve is wireless and goes away from having to slide under the vehicle to remove a block off plate when wanting to open it up.

The kit came with all the electrical wire, connectors, and instructions that were easy to follow giving the fact we would be taking the wires inside the cab. With everything laid out, some quick zip-tie work got the wires out of harms way under the truck before making their way into the cab.

Being a vehicle specific kit, it made use of an unused terminal in the passenger side fuse panel. The electrical connector was included and clicked right in to the factory panel.

Flowmaster FlowFX Active Valve
Flowmaster FlowFX Active Valve installed under the 2019 Silverado. Steven Olsewski

The largest part of the electrical that needs to get installed is the wireless control module. The module can easily be tucked up and away as we placed ours securely under the dash.


We were excited to turn the truck on for the first time after the install and could not wait to see how the wireless valve control worked. The first time it started, we were impressed by the sound, and then we pushed the fob, and it instantly put a smile on our faces.

We thought there would be a delay with the valve opening or be delayed, but we did not notice any hesitation switching between modes. The valve opened and closed just fine sitting at idle or driving down the road.

Being able to get two different exhaust sounds out of one kit was a match made in heaven and we would not be more pleased with the install. To find the right exhaust for your vehicle, be sure to check out Flowmaster’s website.