Damage Control: Protection With A Line-X Bedliner

With different options on the market for bedliners, we dove into seeing how a Line-X spray-on bedliner protects a truck bed.
A truck bed being coated with A Line-X Bedliner.
The bed of the Silverado being sprayed with Line-X. Steven Olsewski

If you own a truck we can guarantee that you have been asked to help someone move atleast once. On the otherhand, truck owners purchase a truck to be able to use the bed for their own personal needs. Recently we took out 2019 Chevrolet Silverado to a local Line-X franchise in Huntington Beach, California to have our bed protected with their spray-on bedliner.


With different options making sure that we would choose the one that suited our needs best, we spoke to Cristin Liveoak of Line-X to make sure the bedliner we went with was the right choice.

A black Chevrolet truck on a rocky road.
Our 2019 Chevrolet Silverado sees plenty of abuse on the trail and the bed is the same with all our gear strapped down. Steven Olsewski

“A truck bed without a liner is susceptible to scrapes, scratches, dents, and ultimately corrosion that can deteriorate the bed over time,” Liveoak said. “The most durable spray-on liners, like Line-X, are applied with great care to prep the surface and at the optimal thickness for hauling cargo in a truck bed.”

“If the liner is too thin you could easily gouge or dent it with moderate use,” Liveoak continued. “With a Line-X bedliner, a truck bed can handle just about anything. The same Line-X technology trusted to military assets around the world is used in every Line-X bedliner.”

A scratched up bed liner.
What the “new” bed looked like on the way into Line-X of Huntington Beach, California. Steven Olsewski

Line-X offers three different options when it comes to their spray-on bedliner; Standard, Premium, and Platinum. The later two offer a UV protection, but what exactly does that help with? 

“UV protection is about preserving the aesthetic of the bedliner – the just-sprayed look, gloss, and luster that adds a high-end appearance to a truck,” Liveoak said. “UV protection from Line-X acts like a sunscreen shielding the coating from UV radiation that causes fading and discoloration.”

A black Chevrolet truck in a workshop.
The Silverado waiting to be sprayed. Steven Olsewski

“The benefit of a coating with UV resistance is that it can withstand intense sunlight,” Liveoak continued. “It does so thanks to highly advanced aliphatic chemistry that does not break down when exposed to UV light. If you live in an environment with harsh sunlight, opting for a bedliner upgrade with UV protection is the best way to get serious truck bed durability plus a better-than factory look in the long run.”

All Line-X bedliners offer a lifetime warranty, resist staining from harsh chemicals, prevent leaks, rust and corrosion, they do not crack, bubble or peel and create a permanent bond. The bedliners are also environmentally friendly and VOC-free, have custom color options, provide sound-dampening, and are impact-absorbing.

There is a larger difference between a drop-in and spray-on bedliner. Drop-in liners offer a buffer between your truck bed and rough cargo, loose material can get trapped underneath the liner and scuff the truck bed. Line-X bedliners are multi-purpose, made for daily drivers or work trucks with superior levels of tensile strength and tear strength that provides peace of mind with heavy cargo loaded.


Line-X of Huntington Beach guided us through the entire process of applying the bedliner as it was more than just backing the truck into a booth. A lot goes into the preparation before the spray gun even comes out.

A truck bed coated with A Line-X Bedliner
The attention to detail that goes into getting the bed of the truck ready for the bedliner, is something we did not expect. Steven Olsewski

“All Line-X bedliners are sprayed by highly trained applicators and undergo a multipoint inspection to ensure prep, quality and thickness are optimal for maximum durability and clean lines,” Liveoak explained. “The prep process starts by completely masking off the vehicle and thoroughly cleaning the truck bed.”

“Once clean, the surface of the bed is sanded to create the profile necessary for maximum coatings adhesion,” Liveoak continued. “The final step is to remove any dust from sanding and clean the surface again. After all the steps are done and checked, the bedliner is ready to be sprayed.”

A truck bed coated with A Line-X Bedliner
The prep work that goes into the bedliner process is truly where all the magic happens. Steven Olsewski

Being able to see the entire process, the prep work that goes into ensuring the bedliner comes out perfect, amazed me. The attention to detail to make sure everything was tapped off correctly and that nothing was overlooked.

“Minimal damage to a truck bed is not a factor unless the paint has been worn away and rust is present,” Liveoak said. “Rust must be treated and removed before a spray-on coating can be applied.”

A truck bed coated with A Line-X Bedliner
The bed is sanded to help give the bedliner something to attach to. Steven Olsewski

“Used trucks with minor dents or scratches shouldn’t prevent a bedliner from being installed,” Liveoak continued. “A Line-X franchisee will examine the truck bed for any major damage that would prevent the application, which is uncommon.”

With so many possible uses especially in the off-road world, the ways that Line-X can be used are endless. One use that is becoming more popular is spraying the entire vehicle with the bedliner.

A truck bed coated with A Line-X Bedliner
And just like that, the Line-X bedliner was ready to be sprayed. Steven Olsewski

“The basic prep process is the same for covering the exterior of a vehicle,” Liveoak said. “However, an application to the exterior of the vehicle most often requires additional labor like removing lights, doors, fender flares, or other accessories depending on what areas of the exterior are being sprayed. Commonly, there is an additional step of using a primer before the Line-X application to promote adhesion.”


With everything laid out we decided to go with the Premium bedliner. This would give us UV protection for the long hot days on the trail or in the desert.

A truck bed coated with A Line-X Bedliner
The application process was fairly quick as the product dries quickly. Steven Olsewski

Once the truck went into the spray booth the application was quick as the bedliner has a fast dry time. It was satisfying to see the bedliner being sprayed on like the videos on YouTube, but we could only imagine what it would look like on a truck that wasn’t black.

A truck bed coated with A Line-X Bedliner
The tape is easily removed from the bed thanks to all the prep work. Steven Olsewski

While the bedliner is starting the drying process, the applicator pointed the gun up in the air to spray the bedliner and let it fall. The process is what makes the bedliner have the texture we are all used to seeing.

After the bedline was completely dry the truck was pulled forward and then unwrapped like a present. Moving the truck out of the booth it was a night and day difference even on a new truck bed.

A truck bed coated with A Line-X Bedliner
The Line-X spray bedliner is complete. Steven Olsewski

“All Line-X bedliners are sprayed at franchise locations around the country,” Liveoak said. “In addition to a Nationwide Lifetime Warranty, a Line-X franchise can restore any old, faded, or gouged existing spray-on liner to a like-new finish, even if Line-X was not the original product. Line-X franchisees also sell a full range of truck accessories so while upgrading your truck bed protection you can shop for tonneau covers, step bars, floor liners, and much more.”

A truck bed coated with A Line-X Bedliner
The rear of the Silverado will be protected from everything it is put up against. Steven Olsewski

Knowing our bed would be protected for the duration of the truck’s life no matter what we through back there was great. We were excited to load up the bed for the first time and see exactly what it could take.

For more information on Line-X bedliners or to find a location near you, be sure to visit their website.