TCI Outlaw Shifter Rocks In More Than One Way

Packed with features TCI’s Outlaw Shifter makes one-handed shifting easy.
TCI Outlaw Shifter
TCI’s Outlaw Shifter ready for whatever is thrown at it. Steven Olsewski

TCI Automotive has a solution for drivers that makes shifting gears easier but also allows simple shifting from reverse to drive. If you have ever been in soft sand and shifted from a forward gear to neutral you know how important it is to make sure you are locked in gear.

TCI Outlaw Shifter
Everything needed for the shifter is included in the kit. Steven Olsewski

TCI’s Outlaw Shifter is available for a wide range of transmissions including the TH400, 4L60e, and Powerglide which makes it an easy addition for any project. Regardless of the transmission, they are shifting, the Outlaw Shifters provide the same features across the board.


The Outlaw Shifters come packed with features, but one that we like is the ability to go from forward to reverse quickly and easily. This feature can prevent frustration on the trail.

TCI Outlaw Shifter
All the required hardward to install the TCI Outlaw Shifter is included. Steven Olsewski

“Moving the lockout from blocking reverse and park to just locking out park allows the driver to more easily go from drive to reverse in a hurry without risk of going into park,” Mark Donnelly of TCI explained. “When off-roading there are many situations where this is beneficial.”

“When in deep mud or snow, it’s not uncommon to have to rapidly go from drive to reverse in order to ‘rock’ the vehicle and not get stuck,” Donnelly continued. “Being able to fan the lever to go from drive to reverse and back with one hand allows an extremely smooth control of wheel speed and direction.”

TCI Outlaw Shifter
Under the cover is where all the magic happens. Steven Olsewski

Momentum is key in soft terrain and keeping forward momentum is always important. The ability to do this quickly allows traction to be kept up and vehicles moving.

“If the driver has to fiddle with a shifter or use two hands to disable a lockout, that takes time allowing mud or snow to flow back under the vehicle, all forward progress is lost and you’re stuck,” Donnelly said. “The second common scenario for this feature is when climbing extremely vertical climbs.”

TCI Outlaw Shifter
TCI’s Outlaw Shifter is the perfect match for form and function. Steven Olsewski

“If the vehicle is in threat of flipping over backwards on a climb, the driver can quickly go to reverse and back out of a sketchy spot and potentially save a rollover,” Donnelly continued. “The one-handed operation allows the driver can keep one hand on the wheel and potentially steer out of it as well.”

The Outlaw shifter has a slim design that allows it to fit in smaller and narrower consoles since it does not have any gates like other shifters on the market. It has a solid aluminum construction and a comfortable handle.

Packed with features TCI’s Outlaw Shifter makes one-handed shifting easy and with options for a wide range of applications it definitely a product to be considered in a build. For more information on TCI Automotive products, be sure to visit their website.